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Ari does Double Exposure.. Yeehaaa!!

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First and foremost, let me explain what is Double Exposure.. It is the “First” photography reality show in Malaysia. And guess what..? Yup.. I went for it ūüėČ

The truth is, I dont watch reality shows except America’s Next Top Model. I watch that because of the.. mmm.. big camera’s that they use.. mmm.. how thepro’s play with lighting… mmm.. and just that laa… hahaha.. Anyway, so, now I’m in one of them shows and “I tell you my friends” ( again in Horatio style..), it was kinda cool. I’ve met new friends (29 of them and the crews and hosts and the Sony guys..) and they have taught me many new things. One of them is.. this. Blogging.¬†

So, without yapping too much here, the 1st episode of Double Exposure is online already. Hahaha.. Yes, you all can laugh all you want but do give me some support ya…

Me as contestant No 2 

Double Exposure 1st Episode


As a very shy person, it’s very tough for me to actually talk in public and even tougher when the camera is pointed at your face. So, now I understand why some actors are kayu. It’s hard being in front of the camera. So, to all my friends and family, dont laugh so much at me okay…¬†

Ok guys.. since I’m in Japan right now, the internet connection is very fast here. I hope the guys back home can view the videos as I would think it might take a while to download it. Aite peeps, I need to get some work done and then head to bed soon. My wake up call is at 8am M’sian time. Yikes.. Nite guys..

oh.. and the official website is here.. do drop by and have a say about it yaaa…

Sony Double Exposure


Ari does the Civic Type-R

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Hi there peeps.. As you all are aware, I’m a car nut. I love cars. So, yesterday, I went and called up Honda Malaysia for a test drive. Test drive what..? Well, its the brand spanking new Civic Type-R (FD2R).¬†

Now, I know there’s plenty of reviews out there on the FD2R and what I’m doing here is more on the layman’s term about the car ok.. From my POV laa..¬†

For those who don’t know, here’s how the CTR looks like..










Very garang right..? Anyway, if anyone were to have even the slightest interest in it would know that this is a performance car. The “R” stands for Racing.. oohhh… sexy.. Again, this car only has one colour, which is the Championship White and it’s only in Manual transmission. For those who hates manual, then this is not for you. Before I begin.. let me show you the interior of this beast…










Sexy kan..? Oohhh.. I can imagine me in this beast rolling around Heritage row… Hahah.. Berangan.. Anyway, as soon as I met Ivan ( the Honda guy), I liked him already. He’s a very nice dude with a good attitude towards his customers. I would¬†thoroughly¬†recommend¬†him if anyone wants to purchase a Honda in the future..

Ok, so, I sat in the car.. put the key in, pressed the clutch and looked for the red starter button. Vrrooommm… Alright, so, it didnt actually vrrrooomm but more like vrumm… Its stock standard. Put it in 1st, then off I went into my own world..

The ratios for the gears are pretty short. So, for you to hit sixth gear is very fast. The red line is at 8500rpm. The i-Vtec comes in at around 5400 revs.. But, lemme tell you, under normal driving conditions, the car seems very ummm… normal. But when you floor it, all 220 race bred horses pushes you to the back of your seat. Screaming all the way to the red line. “Now, that my friend.. is pure ecstasy..” (Horatio style of saying this with his glasses..).

Some say the race tuned suspension is hard but I find it acceptable. My kids and missus didnt have any problems with it. Boot space is ample. And fuel economy is… ok lah .. i guess.. in 6th gear, at 3000revs, the red digital speedo says 100kmh. So, cruising down the highway to JB or Penang wont be a problem.

As for the performance and looks, I’d give it a 9.5/10.. I really like this car. I want this car. Or should I say, I ‘NEED’ this car..

And lastly before I go, (the missus is calling already.. have to go out for dinner…) I’ll show you guys a more common view of the CTR. From the back. That is what most of us would be seeing anyway.. hahahaha… Cheers guys..










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