Ari does Double Exposure.. Yeehaaa!!

First and foremost, let me explain what is Double Exposure.. It is the “First” photography reality show in Malaysia. And guess what..? Yup.. I went for it 😉

The truth is, I dont watch reality shows except America’s Next Top Model. I watch that because of the.. mmm.. big camera’s that they use.. mmm.. how thepro’s play with lighting… mmm.. and just that laa… hahaha.. Anyway, so, now I’m in one of them shows and “I tell you my friends” ( again in Horatio style..), it was kinda cool. I’ve met new friends (29 of them and the crews and hosts and the Sony guys..) and they have taught me many new things. One of them is.. this. Blogging. 

So, without yapping too much here, the 1st episode of Double Exposure is online already. Hahaha.. Yes, you all can laugh all you want but do give me some support ya…

Me as contestant No 2 

Double Exposure 1st Episode


As a very shy person, it’s very tough for me to actually talk in public and even tougher when the camera is pointed at your face. So, now I understand why some actors are kayu. It’s hard being in front of the camera. So, to all my friends and family, dont laugh so much at me okay… 

Ok guys.. since I’m in Japan right now, the internet connection is very fast here. I hope the guys back home can view the videos as I would think it might take a while to download it. Aite peeps, I need to get some work done and then head to bed soon. My wake up call is at 8am M’sian time. Yikes.. Nite guys..

oh.. and the official website is here.. do drop by and have a say about it yaaa…

Sony Double Exposure


9 Responses to “Ari does Double Exposure.. Yeehaaa!!”

  1. Abang pilot yang cool dan macho 😛

  2. hahahaaa…. that’s what i like to think but unfortunately, others dont think so.. hahahaaa…

    Jannah, you look damn cool online.. unlike the bubbly side we see 😉

  3. Assalamualaikum (^_^)

    kalau abang ari menang double exposure tuh, dah kene tukar blog “a photographic journey tru ari’s sony alpha” haha

    ooo sekarang kat jepun yer… kuikui (@_@)

  4. Hehe..
    Are u for real you watch that show because of those “reasons”?
    Keju sungguh…

    And btw, ok lah..
    lemme be the one to say..
    “Fine, you look cool la Ari! Ada style walaupun kurang cerah! Haha!”

    My video is hilarious! And still, Atuqah..(why la?)

  5. owh forgot to tell u, im linking up your blog to mine, k.

  6. Izyan: Walaikumsalam.. Thanks for dropping by. How’s life treating you over in Tokyo..? Must be busy all the time right..? Anyway, hahaha.. yeah, what you say is true.. heck, if I win, I’ll cut my hair and change my name to Alpha.. hahaha… and oh ya, I’m in osaka now. Besok balik. Back to my normal broadband speed which is very very slow.. compared to what you get in Japan. Haiyoo… and thank you for the link 😉

    Ira: Yes Ira, I watch ANTM for those obvious reasons… Hahaha.. Like what Eddy said.. 3 D lame.. hahaha… And also, thanks for the “I look cool” and no thanks for the “not so cerah” part.. Oh.. and yours was really sweet. Like budak baik.. Quote” I like to take emotions if I win..” wohoo..

  7. LOL ari… Who’s goin to fly that metal bird then? BTW, you should let PMers know that you in that show la… i dont mind voting for you lah… provided, can pinjam your strobe if you win… kekekeke

  8. ari.. when u piloting got bring cam one ah? take picture and camwhore inside the front pit? hehehe

  9. Padil: That’s why they have auto pilot so I can do this.. Hahaha… Anyway, I shy lar wanna mention to PMers. Not many guys know me there so nanti kene kutuk aje.. As for the strobes.. No problem but the chances for me to win is VERY VERY slim. But, we can still go shooting.. Wohoo.. Vote for me yaa..

    KJ: I do bring my cam when I fly but so far, I dont take my own pics laa.. Shy.. Normally, I take picture of other people.. Yeah okay.. I got one picture with an Alpha 300 recently with a model from Italy in the cockpit when on ground. Later i post okay..

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