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Beauty lies in the eyes…

Posted in Models, Photography with tags , , , , on January 17, 2009 by ari7474

“of the beholder…”

Now, wouldnt you think that saying is true..?

Ok.. here’s what happened the other day.. a friend wanted to shoot a model. So, he gave me a ring.. “toot..toot..” 

“Ey Ari, you free ah..? Wanna go shoot a stewardess..?” Then I said..” Hmmm.. let me check my very busy schedule first.. ”

then after 3 long seconds.. “Alright!!! Lets do it bro..” (hehehe…) 

So, off we went scouting for a decent location and after we found it, we brought the models over and did a shoot. And here’s the product that came out of my Nikon D3 😉



Oh well, there’s more laa rite but I cant post all of it here kan.. 

You see, the model’s name is Hafiza. She’s a stewardess and I’ve never flown with her before but she seems very friendly and even for a non pro model, she could pull off many different poses for me. And her best features are her eyes.. It was further enhanced by a Makeup Artist who is also a stewardess by the name of Azila.

And then.. after lunch, we headed over to Show-Off Studio (my wannabe home  studio laa..) to try and capture her in studio environment. And this is what my 24-70mm came up with..


So… Nice or not..? I think nice laa kan.. I’m very happy with the shots but if there’s any comments or feedback from you guys/gals.. it would be great..

Anyway, tomorrow, Sunday the 18th, I’ll be heading to Central Market Annexe Gallery. Photomalaysia’s Vanishing Heritage Exhibition will be doing it’s launch there. Oh, and one of my pictures was selected. It’s their 2nd time doing it and last year, 3 of my pictures was selected 😉


So, that’s all for today.. I hope everyone can chip in a few words to help make me a better photog would be helpful. Thanks peeps.. Nitey nite..