Beauty lies in the eyes…

“of the beholder…”

Now, wouldnt you think that saying is true..?

Ok.. here’s what happened the other day.. a friend wanted to shoot a model. So, he gave me a ring.. “toot..toot..”Β 

“Ey Ari, you free ah..? Wanna go shoot a stewardess..?” Then I said..” Hmmm.. let me check my very busy schedule first.. ”

then after 3 long seconds.. “Alright!!! Lets do it bro..” (hehehe…)Β 

So, off we went scouting for a decent location and after we found it, we brought the models over and did a shoot. And here’s the product that came out of my Nikon D3 πŸ˜‰



Oh well, there’s more laa rite but I cant post all of it here kan..Β 

You see, the model’s name is Hafiza. She’s a stewardess and I’ve never flown with her before but she seems very friendly and even for a non pro model, she could pull off many different poses for me. And her best features are her eyes.. It was further enhanced by a Makeup Artist who is also a stewardess by the name of Azila.

And then.. after lunch, we headed over to Show-Off Studio (my wannabe home Β studio laa..) to try and capture her in studio environment. And this is what my 24-70mm came up with..


So… Nice or not..? I think nice laa kan.. I’m very happy with the shots but if there’s any comments or feedback from you guys/gals.. it would be great..

Anyway, tomorrow, Sunday the 18th, I’ll be heading to Central Market Annexe Gallery. Photomalaysia’s Vanishing Heritage Exhibition will be doing it’s launch there. Oh, and one of my pictures was selected. It’s their 2nd time doing it and last year, 3 of my pictures was selected πŸ˜‰


So, that’s all for today.. I hope everyone can chip in a few words to help make me a better photog would be helpful. Thanks peeps.. Nitey nite..


26 Responses to “Beauty lies in the eyes…”

  1. waahhh. ted adnan yg organize kan? haha good luck bro. i like the 3rd pic.


    dude, Miss A wants to do it this Tues. She wants to do it asap. its on my workin day. and i know u sure tak boleh punya kan? haihh.


  2. Syaz,

    Yes.. Ted is handling the project this time. He’s the main man there. The exhibition will be on for 2 weeks. If ur free, do drop by laa..

    Apparently, many people also like the 3rd pic. Why eh..? I like it too but it seems simple aje..

    As for Miss A, I can try for half day on Tuesday. Either morning before lunch or afternoon after lunch.. But only half day lor.. So, lemme know ya..


  3. waa nice! anyway i’ll be passing by central market tmrw, so will go see see and lookout for ur exhibit pic! (:

  4. bro, i really admire ur work, the pic really great especially the kids playing with ‘batu seremban’.rasa teringat masa zaman budauk2 masa kat kampung..heheheheh.

  5. Bryan: Hey .. thanks partner.. I was in CM just now and I didnt see you also..? But I did meet George and Szee Too though.. and also Ted Adnan πŸ˜‰

    Bartman: Bro.. thanks for your nice words πŸ™‚ Yes.. Nowadays, none of the kids really like to play like how we did those days.. They prefer video games and one of my 5 year old daughter’s friend actually asked her to ask me to buy her PSP. I went like.. “NO WAY!!” Oh well.. Times have changed kan..

  6. dude… walaupun i grow up frm 94-99 (7yr old-12yrs old), I was still playing.. tutup botol, baling selipar, rounders, kejar-kejar, polis sentri, layang-layang, dodge ball, main rubbers (erasers)


    digimon pun i main jgk k.

    PSP? beli PS3 je lah. tgk screen besar lah best dr .. screen kecik PSP.. heheh.

  7. photomalaysia launching.. muka abg hemseem ada ooooo..


  8. I like the 1st and 3rd pics! The 3rd pic is simple but pretty seductive.

    And I just watched that photomalaysia launch video in the above link. I see u and lols! And ayah chu and mak su! πŸ˜€

  9. ahah i came by today ma (:

  10. Syaz: Hey.. PS3 mahal laaa… I think I want them to learn how to play congkak lah.. saw it kat Central Market the other day.. Macam best aje.. I often main tipu with my siblings.. hahahahaaa….

    Imee: Thanks for your comments sis… I think most ppl also say they like the 3rd pics but they notice her stockings.. As for the PM launch, I just saw it. Thanks Syaz for the link πŸ˜‰ Ayah Chu and Mak Su was there too since Ayah Chu is one of the sites administrator.

    Bryan: Haiyoo… Today come for what.. I’m not there mah.. Hehehe…
    So.. Nice or not my picture..??

  11. You !!!!
    You again !!!
    Talk bad about me behind me, huh ?? This is WAR !!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    Pic #2 blur a bit lar, bro. Or my eyes sudah blur after the “incident” ? LOL

    Lansi lar orang ini. Ada model pun tak nak ajak. Kakaka…..

    Overall, nice catch. Yes, agree. She has a nice eyes.

  12. Templar: Oit!!! You!!! RAW is WAR!!! Hahahaha… Actually, I wanna talk nice things about you but then boring laa rite..? Anyway, that Jason ah.. what i tell him straight go to ur ears.. Hahahaha…

    Agree on #2. But ahh.. Blur is “art” what..

    Oit.. where got lansii… This one friend invite me lor.. hehehe..

  13. This is magazine material work bro.

    Love the contrast the handbag gave to the morbid surrounding at the back. Boleh feature kat Billboard area Pavillion tu πŸ™‚

  14. i wana go seee! when r u goin? go wit u.. =P

  15. juarezjuarez Says:

    i love your posts. not pose. hehe. i’m using eos 1000d and i love it. i love photography too. hi by the way. mr. pilot? cool.

  16. Jannah: Well, if only what you said is true.. If only one day.. someday, to be able to see my work either on a billboard or on the cover of a magazine.. Well, like what they say kan.. No Pain no Gain.. Thanks for the “kata kata semangat”.. hehehee…

    KJ: See what bro..? My billboard or the exhibition..? Hahahaa.. I dunno, but when you think you wanna go just sms me laa..

    Juarez: Hi and hello there… Thanks for dropping by πŸ˜‰ Like my posts and not pose..? Awww.. come on.. you should love both πŸ™‚ hehehe.. Anyway, yeah, the 1000D is a good camera. Its a Canon. So, what other lenses do you have..? What type of photography do you like most..?

  17. Ari ari ari!!! I for one like the 2nd pic… the contrast is great! but then again what do i know kan?? the least artistic one in the family… πŸ˜‰ ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    Anyway, what you doing on Atah b’day weekend? will you be around? I thinking maybe we should do like a family photoshoot… with mimi, mas and myself preggers… bila lagi nak capture the moment? what you think? i’m sure all the aunties (not to mention cousins) will be down with it cos they really can’t resist the camera kan? such camera whores i tell you all of them… πŸ˜€

    just an idea… also plus… an excuse for me to meet up with you guys.. macam lama gila tak jumpa… need to upload for family pics on FB!

    Okla… just tell me what you think of my suggestion… nanti we decidela…

    and keep up the good work!!!!!

  18. Ultraman_evo Says:

    nice blog!

  19. i agree with kak zizi’s suggestion above, re: MTB’s photoshoot! hahaha!

  20. ZIZI: Hey Cuz, I’m around during Atah’s bday. And I “LOVE” your idea. I’m sure we can organize a photoshoot. If not at atah’s house, we can do it at my place. We should really get this done at least for you and mimi.. If i miss Mas, dont worry, next year sure pregnant again.. hahahaha…

    EVO: Hey Zu, thanks for dropping by… πŸ˜‰

    Mimi: Wokay then.. Lets get the party started… Atah’s bday will be the date for the shoot ok..?

  21. cayalah ari

    i just dont dig the pantyhose je,agak potong..hehehe

  22. True… true.. Next time, when we shoot together, please remind me ok..?

  23. Very nice photos bro ari!!

  24. Thanks bro.. Glad you like ’em..

  25. it’s the legs mannnn!!!! the legs!!!!! you don’t have to wonder why people prefer the 3rd picture!!!!

    hehehe.. my first time here. yellow herbie told me to drop by and take a look. heh. *wink

  26. Hi there Iron Butterfly..

    Flying Yellow Herbie told you? Wow.. Thanks for dropping by.. Yeah, i guess its the legs. hehehe.. People just love nice legs ya… hehehe.. thanks again. Hope to see you around here again.. πŸ˜‰

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