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Valentine’s Day Story..

Posted in Friends on February 8, 2009 by ari7474

Hey peeps.. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… Any plans yet or just sit at home watch tv? Even if I spent the evening watching CSI, I would never admit it. Not sylo laa .. hahahaa.. 

Anyway, that reminds me of a story not so long ago.. dont tell people ok…

When I was in school.. form 4 to be exact, we had this open day laa kan. I forgot for what but we had all this carnival, makan makan, music and selling all sort of stuffs laa.. So, I have this friend. A chinese dude. Very leng chai. We often compete who can have the most valentine’s presents, cards and etc… Both of us had long hair, discipline problems, bring walkman to school, pretend to be super cool and always kacau the girls in school. So, on that particular day, anyone can buy flowers, apples, cards or anything and give to anyone they wish to give laa rite.. So..again, I got 3 cards, 3 apples and 1 rose. Mr Leng Chai got 1 card, 1 apple and a lot of roses. Like 7 or 8. So, even if I had more cards and apples, he had more roses. He was bragging to me already. Saying ” I more Leng Chai than you.. hahaha..”

Now comes the best part, being me, I didnt wanna lose.. So, I went to this girl (she was in Form 2.. maybe Aishah Sinclair’s class mate..hehehe..), gave her RM 2, and asked her to dedicate 2 love songs to me. And when the dedication went on Air, I was with Mr Leng Chai in the canteen and pretended to be surprised.

It went something like this… “this song is dedicated to Ari in Form 4 Science 1.. with a message, Happy Valentines Day, from a Secret Admirer.”  Wohoo!!! You should’ve seen Mr Leng Chai’s face.. he was DAMN jealous. So, at the end of the day, I won 😉 hahahahahaaaa…. coz he got no song dedication for him.

Now, after many years, I still remember that moment. It was fun and funny. The song was “Dying inside to Hold you..”


The moral of the story is… How far would you go to WIN? Being an adult now, I dont cheat anymore but I’m really hell bent on winning. I hate to lose. I’m a sore loser. Even on that day, I won on the outside but deep down in me, I know he was more Leng Chai than me. Huhuhu… So people, dont cheat. Winning means nothing if you cheated. You only get to brag on that day but for the rest of your life, you’ll be filled with guilt knowing that actually, you’ve lost. 


Happy Valentine’s Day people… Here’s a flower to everyone.. 😉



Surprise… ;)

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2009 by ari7474

Hello again peeps.. I was told by some that my previous post was somewhat a bit emo.. I dunno.. Maybe I was. But in a good way. Well .. it’s clearer now as to why I was like that. Will share this good news with all my friends and family.. 


Yes my friends.. For those who dont know, the girl on the left is Arianna (1st), the cheeky one on the right is Dania (2nd) and the one in the middle is a pregnancy test kit showing a positive sign that wifey and me are expecting our 3rd child. I’m over the moon now. 

To enjoy it even more, recently, we had a family gathering to celebrate my grand mothers 83rd birthday. And my cousins and lil sister planned a Mother to be (MTB) photoshoot. Well, guess what, wifey got to join in the shoot too.. Yeay.. 


Clockwise from left: Lola (3rd baby), Zizi (1st baby), Jamie (6th baby…yes 6th. And she’s only 30) and Imee (1st baby). 


Ok lah.. I dont wanna be emo anymore so, I’m gonna let you in a happy story again. The family was watchin tennis, the Aussie Open and guess what? Rafa Nadal won. Me happy 😉 Not to say that I wasnt supporting FedEx but I just wanted Rafa to win coz he hasnt won the Aussie Open before. But during the trophy presentation, FedEx was in tears. Then everyone was emo again.. but hey, I bought a Rafa t-shirt and he won.. yeay!


Hehehe… Thats me and Rafa.. Nice or not my t-shirt..? Anyway, after that, Rafa and myself had teh tarik at the shop behind my house laa talking about his win. Wohoo… Aite peeps.. me heading to bed laaa before people start calling me nuts.. hahahaaaa…. Ciao!