Surprise… ;)

Hello again peeps.. I was told by some that my previous post was somewhat a bit emo.. I dunno.. Maybe I was. But in a good way. Well .. it’s clearer now as to why I was like that. Will share this good news with all my friends and family.. 


Yes my friends.. For those who dont know, the girl on the left is Arianna (1st), the cheeky one on the right is Dania (2nd) and the one in the middle is a pregnancy test kit showing a positive sign that wifey and me are expecting our 3rd child. I’m over the moon now. 

To enjoy it even more, recently, we had a family gathering to celebrate my grand mothers 83rd birthday. And my cousins and lil sister planned a Mother to be (MTB) photoshoot. Well, guess what, wifey got to join in the shoot too.. Yeay.. 


Clockwise from left: Lola (3rd baby), Zizi (1st baby), Jamie (6th baby…yes 6th. And she’s only 30) and Imee (1st baby). 


Ok lah.. I dont wanna be emo anymore so, I’m gonna let you in a happy story again. The family was watchin tennis, the Aussie Open and guess what? Rafa Nadal won. Me happy 😉 Not to say that I wasnt supporting FedEx but I just wanted Rafa to win coz he hasnt won the Aussie Open before. But during the trophy presentation, FedEx was in tears. Then everyone was emo again.. but hey, I bought a Rafa t-shirt and he won.. yeay!


Hehehe… Thats me and Rafa.. Nice or not my t-shirt..? Anyway, after that, Rafa and myself had teh tarik at the shop behind my house laa talking about his win. Wohoo… Aite peeps.. me heading to bed laaa before people start calling me nuts.. hahahaaaa…. Ciao!


18 Responses to “Surprise… ;)”

  1. haaaaa g TT ngan Rafa tak ajakkkkkk..


    ye lah tuu. 😛

    and congrats :))))))))))

    mesti comel kannnn nnt baby tuu.. wuwuwuwuwuuu.

  2. wahh 3rd child!
    happy to hear that!
    got kenduri or anything wan ka?
    if got must ajak the whole DE gang tau! 😀

  3. ahahahaha tak tahan betul la ur picture with nadal tu.. 😀

    and i shall now give you a proper congratulations in this blog, so CONGRATULATIONS!

    might want to tell lols to start hanging out with kak zizi more, maybe she will tempias a bit the boboy aura to her. hehe!

  4. Alhamdulillah!
    Ari and Kak Lola, CONGRATZ!

    Hehe. Padanlah emo semacam… Tengah overjoy! Oh I am SO happy for you guys!

    Yeh2! Boleh main-main dengan my niece, Qaseh! hehe..

  5. ultraman_evo Says:

    congrats for the 3rd baby bro!

  6. Wwwwhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    Official congratulations to you and lols! Is it going to be another girl??? We’ll have to wait and see lah kan… 😀

    Me likey the picture!!! When can see the rest??? Thanks for the shoot dude! You’re the best!

  7. Gen: Battle station, battle station !
    Troop: Sorry Sir, today is a special day, the enemy didn’t call for a war.
    Gen : Why ?
    Troop: Donnu. Go and read his blog lar.
    Gen : Ok.

    Gen read the enemy’s blog.

    Gen : Hmm… ok, this is really a special day. Ok, we stop the WAR for a while. Let’s go over there and congratulate him instead. Peace is in the air. 😀

    So, here I come, say congrats to you and may the new born child to be bring you happiness, prosper and good luck. 😀

  8. wah 3rd child ye, congrats bro. bila dah lahirnanti shot gambo baby banyak2 bro.

  9. beribu-ribu congratulations ari! this is the best news ever! 🙂 im so happy for you!

  10. Syaz: Weheee…. Sorry tak ajak TT with Rafa. He was tired. Tak nak ramai sangat peminat. Just nak lepak dengan member aje.. Hahahahaaaa…. Thanks Syaz.. Lets hope its healthy… then only cute…

    Bryan: Dude.. No kenduri yet laa.. But when baby come out then sure got kenduri. Will ajak the whole DE gang. And must bring present for the daddy you know… Anyway, thanks bro…

    Imee: Wah.. Boboi for Kak Zizi..? Good for them. They need more boys in their family… Yeap. Will ask Lols to lepak with her more.. Hehehe..

  11. Ira: Yeay… Thanks Ira… Nanti can lepak with your niece 😉

    Ultraman: Thanks bro.. Bile nak mai umah?

    Melissa: Thank you… thank you…

  12. Zizi: Hey Cuz, I just got back from work. Will get those pictures sorted out then I’ll ajak you come over ok… Thanks again… Oh, took some money from ur hubby to give Sus. Damn it. Sus took all our money 😦 huhuhu…

    General Tan: Hey enemy! How are you..? How was your new year..? Bro, thanks for the best wishes. Will continue our battle soon.. Now me a bit emo laaa.. Thanks brother…

    Bartman: Fush.. memang banyak gambor. Nak kena beli HDD baru ni…hahahaa…

    Szee Too: Hey leng lui… Thanks for dropping by..Yes. I’m a bit overjoyed now. It is a great news to me so.. I’m glad you’re happy too.. Thanks again girl.. Hope to catch up with the gang soon… Take care..

  13. Ha ha ha ha!!!! i heard what happened… ish ish ish… how can you guys let sus beat you… shy only!!!!

    I can’t wait for the piccies to be ready! Can have makan makan at your house some more… i bring lasagna!!!! can ah? muahahahaha… so muka tak malu invite myself over… just because house very near… :p

    okla… will be waiting for the final product! thanks again! 😀

  14. 3rd?
    hehe…boy kot kali ni….

  15. Zizi: Thats why.. Sus was bragging all the way home. Damn it. As for the pictures, thats a pretty good idea for you to come over to the house. We can all chit chat and talk BAD about SUS. hahahahaaa.. Will call ya soonish..

    Man: Boy or Girl also can… As long as its healthy kan… So, when is your wifey expecting?

  16. ayo uncle hensem add me la hehe

  17. ayo no one reply ???

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