Valentine’s Day Story..

Hey peeps.. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… Any plans yet or just sit at home watch tv? Even if I spent the evening watching CSI, I would never admit it. Not sylo laa .. hahahaa.. 

Anyway, that reminds me of a story not so long ago.. dont tell people ok…

When I was in school.. form 4 to be exact, we had this open day laa kan. I forgot for what but we had all this carnival, makan makan, music and selling all sort of stuffs laa.. So, I have this friend. A chinese dude. Very leng chai. We often compete who can have the most valentine’s presents, cards and etc… Both of us had long hair, discipline problems, bring walkman to school, pretend to be super cool and always kacau the girls in school. So, on that particular day, anyone can buy flowers, apples, cards or anything and give to anyone they wish to give laa rite.. So..again, I got 3 cards, 3 apples and 1 rose. Mr Leng Chai got 1 card, 1 apple and a lot of roses. Like 7 or 8. So, even if I had more cards and apples, he had more roses. He was bragging to me already. Saying ” I more Leng Chai than you.. hahaha..”

Now comes the best part, being me, I didnt wanna lose.. So, I went to this girl (she was in Form 2.. maybe Aishah Sinclair’s class mate..hehehe..), gave her RM 2, and asked her to dedicate 2 love songs to me. And when the dedication went on Air, I was with Mr Leng Chai in the canteen and pretended to be surprised.

It went something like this… “this song is dedicated to Ari in Form 4 Science 1.. with a message, Happy Valentines Day, from a Secret Admirer.”  Wohoo!!! You should’ve seen Mr Leng Chai’s face.. he was DAMN jealous. So, at the end of the day, I won 😉 hahahahahaaaa…. coz he got no song dedication for him.

Now, after many years, I still remember that moment. It was fun and funny. The song was “Dying inside to Hold you..”


The moral of the story is… How far would you go to WIN? Being an adult now, I dont cheat anymore but I’m really hell bent on winning. I hate to lose. I’m a sore loser. Even on that day, I won on the outside but deep down in me, I know he was more Leng Chai than me. Huhuhu… So people, dont cheat. Winning means nothing if you cheated. You only get to brag on that day but for the rest of your life, you’ll be filled with guilt knowing that actually, you’ve lost. 


Happy Valentine’s Day people… Here’s a flower to everyone.. 😉



18 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Story..”

  1. hahaha… ari!! i didn’t expect you to do that.

  2. Hii.. its blog walking… nice post 🙂

  3. Melissa: To do what??? Force a girl to dedicate a song to myself..???? Hey, it was a moment of madness… at that time.. Now, I’m all grown up. I dont ask anyone but I just do it myself.. Like dedicate songs over the radio to myself and force people to listen.. hahahaaa….

    Valentine Girl: Blog walking…? Ok.. thats new to me 😉 Thanks anyway for dropping by.. Cheers..

  4. or its also called blog hopping. 😀

    hahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahaha dalam diam u actually yang kalah. smpai la ni still ingat hahahahahahaahhaahah

    pasal photoshoot tu.. i rasa konfem but lemme double check with the fellas.


  5. or its also called blog hopping. 😀

    hahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahaha dalam diam u actually yang kalah. smpai la ni still ingat hahahahahahaahhaahah

    pasal photoshoot tu.. i rasa konfem but lemme double check with the fellas.


  6. ok confirm 830 am. 😀 nak tumpang u arii.. boleh?

  7. ahahahahaha!!!

    omg all these years of bragging that some girl dedicated that song to you, and you actually PAID her to do that??

    so funny. 😀

  8. Syaz: Ooohhh… Blog hopping.. ok..ok.. I dont really have many people hopping into my blog.. so, that’s why laaa a bit terkejut 😉 anyway, ok, since the shoot is confirmed, i’ll call ya today and plan the things ok.. i can come and pick u up no problemo.. but ah, maybe by petang I have to ciao coz got dating laa with my ex GF.. anyway, how much do we need to pay for the shoot?

    Imee: Mims, it was nice laa getting to brag about it… fells good… but at the end of the day… after a few years… i’m ready to admit that i actually dedicated a song to myself… man.. that’s so lame… 😦
    pls dont tell mum or pops or even worse… Amir… hehehehe…

  9. no problem lah.. u can go dating ok 😀

    nways i have fwd the email. you may check ok. 🙂

  10. wow. *speechless* – as usual -__-!!

  11. Syaz: Wokey dudette… I’ll call ya when I get back from Osaka on Friday ye..

    Bryan: Eh bro.. why I cant post on your blog ah? I wrote some fancy karangan already about flower power and Belinda Chee, then cannot submit. Cheh!!! Now, I want to know, can see the DIY softbox ah? 😉

  12. wow, ini Leng Chai manyak jahat takmau kalah haahahahah. bro very touching story lah, teringat lak pulak zaman2 sekolah dulu2. btw selamat hari kekasih lah..

  13. That is something for valentine….

  14. Bartman: Hahahhaaa… Leng Chai mana buleh kalah… Thats the story bro.. zaman sekolah, we do plenty of stupid things… Oh, and selamat hari kekasih ti you too 😉

    Seth: Bro.. when are you coming to KL? Dont forget to call ok…

  15. heyy yaa ari…
    been reading ur blog ..n all the past entries
    wanna say u r one lucky guy..
    bless wth good job, great family n i guess the best part i envy most is u get to travel around the world..
    see how lucky..alhamdulillah
    anyway congrats on ur 3rd coming baby..
    n as much i luv to travel..i also luv to see gud piccas..
    so its kindda package in one reading here ..

  16. Shud: Hey there bro… Firstly, thank you for your comments. I’m very fortunate to have a very good family. I thank my wife for being the loveliest girl in the world for me 😉 (free plug for you sayang..)

    Secondly, thanks for dropping by. Its nice to know that some people do read my blog and also view my pictures 😉 Thanks again dude..

  17. hahaa.. man.. Ari.. you really ARE funny! now i wonder about those open days whether any of the guys did what you did – paying someone to make a song dedication. LOL.

    btw, sayer rase ex-GF anda sangatlah HOT 😉

  18. Hmmm… I’m not sure if other guys are as “innovative” (desperate) as I was in school la kan… hahahaaa.. but who knows..

    My ex-GF HOT ??? Well..well… I’m sure when she sees this she’ll be glad to belanja you teh O ais limau gelas besar.. wohoo… thanks anyway..

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