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Cravings, morning sickness and sour grapes…

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Ello people…


Hmm.. what do you think of the title? Yes.. It has to do with my ex-GF. And yes.. it has to do with her 3rd pregnancy. 

I dont know why but for the previous 2 pregnancies, she never had any issues with morning sickness but this one.. wohoo.. She frequents the toilet to throw up more than a drunken person having tequila shots after 3am (not that I know anything about being drunk but stories from friends laa..) And NO.. Its not only in the mornings but the afternoons and evenings too. They should call it “all day” instead of just “morning”… 

So.. Let this be a warning to future hubby wannabe.. be prepared ya guys.. It’s not only the best part aje ok… hahahahaaaa…

Now, what else you may ask comes with pregnancy.. hmmm… Mood swings and cravings too.. Now, lets leave out the mood swings and chat about (in my wife’s mother tongue)… “Mengidam”. 

You see.. mengidam can come at any time. Her recent one came at 3am. 

“Baby.. I want Mozza Burger..”

I was like… “Now????”

“Yes.. Thanks baby.. I’ll wait for you until you come back..”

Goodbye sleep and hello A&W 🙂


According to my father, I have to try to fulfill her cravings as it’s not her but the baby. And the very next day.. she said she wanted to eat steak. Jake’s. Ok sayang.. Let’s go Jake’s. But when we got was closed. So, we went to Victoria’s Secret.. eh.. wrong.. Victoria Station 😉

When our food came, she lapped up everything within minutes.. And when the waiter came..


“Umm… Not yet.. Come back later…”



“Ok.. Now can clear the table…”


Hahahahaaa… She’s gonna be furious with me for posting this up… Hahahahaaaa…


Guys… we also have cravings too.. As for me..  Its speed. 

“I feel the need.. the need for speed..” (Top Gun style) wohoo… 

So, after starting up my very speedy “R”, off I went up to Genting with my good buddy Putra and his wife Shue. 

The ride up there was nice. Clear, cooling and my revs was always near the red line. While I was negotiating the corners at blinding speed, an Iswara (1.5cc) overtook me. Man, he was quick. Or.. was I slow..? Either way, I ignored him. Then, a Proton Persona overtook me too. This time, the guy at the rear seat was taking a video of me. Without wanting to look like a sissy, I gave him a nice V-tec sound from the engine but again, the Iswara was infront of me. All the way up, the Persona was shooting a video of me trying in vain to overtake the Iswara but cannot 😦 

Now fellas, that’s embarrassing. A 2.0 litre 225bhp monster lost to a 1.5 litre Iswara pushing maybe 100bhp.  But, me being a grown good looking adult, I’m not going to be all immature and try to prove a point and race on the road. It’s dangerous. So people, dont race on the road ok. Dont be sour grapes. Drive nicely and if you want to race, go to the tracks. (hahahaa… dah kalah, ada aje excuse..)

Anyway, we shot some pictures up there in Genting. Here’s to share some..



That’s Putra and Shue. Posing while having coffee at the Old Town White Coffee in Genting.


Nope.. I’m not done yet. 

“Why Ari.. why not done yet..?” 

Is that what you’re all saying..? Well.. last story ok. As some of you know, I entered a reality show called Double Exposure. It’s about photography. The reason why I entered it is because one of the prize for the winner was a chance to shoot a magazine cover. I really wanted that. Its something I’ve been catering my photography for. Now, the show ended already and they say it would be on TV soon. And the winner shot the Magazine cover already. I’m damn jealous. I feel like I can do it. I feel that nobody can beat me in photography. I feel… like I’m being a sour grape. A sore loser. And because of that, I did my own shoot just to release some stress.

Now peeps, I know in life, you cant have everything but could you all do me a favour and tell me if my shots below would make the cut if it were to be in a magazine. Honest answers please.. I’m a grown good looking guy.. I can take criticism..




Once again.. thank you for reading and spending your quality time on my blog. Even though I’m feeling down when I got booted out of the competition, I feel that someday, my pictures will grace the cover of a magazine. Someday.. Nite peeps.. 😦


Luna Bar does Ari ??!

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Hello Everyone… 🙂


Fush… Let me tell you.. I’ve been super duper busy.. Just like all the famous people laa kan.. Beckham.. Brad.. Obama.. and myself.. We all have really hectic schedule laa. So, ok.. Let me tell you what I was up to that was pretty interesting. At least for me that is.. But me being a super duper nice and hemsem guy, I’d like to share with ya’ll. 

(“Thank you Ari for sharing your very interesting story with Us..”).. I can almost hear you all say that.. Well.. You’re most welcome 😉


Anyway, without further ado.. this is what happened..


“I’m in love with a stripper..” (ok.. that’s my ring T-Pain)

Hemsem: “ it me you’re looking for..” (David Cook style…)

George: “Ari.. it’s me George.. Ey.. You wanna be the official Sony Photog for the Cybershot Skinny T media Launch @ Luna Bar?”

Hemsem: “Hmm.. Sure George.. I think I could squeeze an event shoot in between my super duper busy schedule..”

p/s: Ok lah… I was jumping up and down when George from Sony called so.. it took me less than 2 secs to say Yes.. Hahahahaaa… 

George: “So, ok then.. You’ll be shooting with Jason Pop and you need to use a Sony Alpha. Dont worry.. I’ll prepare an A900 for you.” 


Alritey then… This sounds interesting but.. I have 1 problem.. I dont know where is Luna bar. I’ve heard of it but I dunno where it is. Normally, when I chat with people, to make me look uber cool, I pretend laa like I know 😦 

So, after a few frantic phone calls to my cool friends.. I started my “R” and drove off looking for Luna Bar.



And wohooo… I found it..


It’s upstairs on the 33rd floor.. Fush.. Let me tell you.. It’s a damn cool place for cool people.. Just nice… 

So..on the Day itself.. I came and met up with Jason and started planning our strategy on how to cover the event. Inside.. the bar.. it was dark. Low light. Damn. I’m not that familiar with the A900. If only I could use my own cam. It would’ve made things much easier… 

Inside Luna Bar..



Ok.. Peeps.. The media launch is about the Skinny T. The latest model. In my short 10 episode from the reality show Double Exposure, I actually won a Skinny T myself. It’s here if you wish to see…

“Ari wins a skinny T camera” 

Here’s a sample of the New Skinny T 



The brand ambassador Sony selected for the new Model is Chin. He’s a damn cool guy from Thailand who can sing, dance, act and quite good looking also. According to Jason, he looks like his face has already been photoshopped in real life. That good looking 😉

Let me show you Chin…




So.. hemsem or not? Well.. either way.. the media was going crazy with him. He had to be whisked away at the end of the show.

Aside from Chin.. there was also a mini fashion show too.. Now.. this I like 😉

The models were all skinny like the camera. Here’s an example




Before I forget.. the host for the show was Daphne Iking.

Now.. She’s HOT. Very good looking and she really made the show really…ummm.. Hot.

let me present to you.. Daphne… jeng..jeng..


Above was Daphne off stage… Here’s how she was on Stage…



So.. before she left.. she came up to me and asked if she could have a picture taken with me.. 

Well.. it’s not surprising but me being a nice and humble guy.. I obliged..


p/s: ok lah.. ok lah.. i made up that last bit.. 😉 It was the other way around.. 


So.. peeps.. That’s my interesting story laa.. Best kan? Hahahahaaa…. 

Dont worry.. If you work hard.. suck up and take some tuition classes from me on how to be cool.. someday, you’ll also be able to tell stories like this. 

Hahahahaaa… Wohoo… Ok lah people.. Enough stories. At the end of the day.. It was just an event shoot and it was fun. Good experience for me. And also, I got to catch up with my ex Double Exposure partner Jason POP. 


Nite people… 🙂 🙂 🙂