Luna Bar does Ari ??!


Hello Everyone… 🙂


Fush… Let me tell you.. I’ve been super duper busy.. Just like all the famous people laa kan.. Beckham.. Brad.. Obama.. and myself.. We all have really hectic schedule laa. So, ok.. Let me tell you what I was up to that was pretty interesting. At least for me that is.. But me being a super duper nice and hemsem guy, I’d like to share with ya’ll. 

(“Thank you Ari for sharing your very interesting story with Us..”).. I can almost hear you all say that.. Well.. You’re most welcome 😉


Anyway, without further ado.. this is what happened..


“I’m in love with a stripper..” (ok.. that’s my ring T-Pain)

Hemsem: “ it me you’re looking for..” (David Cook style…)

George: “Ari.. it’s me George.. Ey.. You wanna be the official Sony Photog for the Cybershot Skinny T media Launch @ Luna Bar?”

Hemsem: “Hmm.. Sure George.. I think I could squeeze an event shoot in between my super duper busy schedule..”

p/s: Ok lah… I was jumping up and down when George from Sony called so.. it took me less than 2 secs to say Yes.. Hahahahaaa… 

George: “So, ok then.. You’ll be shooting with Jason Pop and you need to use a Sony Alpha. Dont worry.. I’ll prepare an A900 for you.” 


Alritey then… This sounds interesting but.. I have 1 problem.. I dont know where is Luna bar. I’ve heard of it but I dunno where it is. Normally, when I chat with people, to make me look uber cool, I pretend laa like I know 😦 

So, after a few frantic phone calls to my cool friends.. I started my “R” and drove off looking for Luna Bar.



And wohooo… I found it..


It’s upstairs on the 33rd floor.. Fush.. Let me tell you.. It’s a damn cool place for cool people.. Just nice… 

So..on the Day itself.. I came and met up with Jason and started planning our strategy on how to cover the event. Inside.. the bar.. it was dark. Low light. Damn. I’m not that familiar with the A900. If only I could use my own cam. It would’ve made things much easier… 

Inside Luna Bar..



Ok.. Peeps.. The media launch is about the Skinny T. The latest model. In my short 10 episode from the reality show Double Exposure, I actually won a Skinny T myself. It’s here if you wish to see…

“Ari wins a skinny T camera” 

Here’s a sample of the New Skinny T 



The brand ambassador Sony selected for the new Model is Chin. He’s a damn cool guy from Thailand who can sing, dance, act and quite good looking also. According to Jason, he looks like his face has already been photoshopped in real life. That good looking 😉

Let me show you Chin…




So.. hemsem or not? Well.. either way.. the media was going crazy with him. He had to be whisked away at the end of the show.

Aside from Chin.. there was also a mini fashion show too.. Now.. this I like 😉

The models were all skinny like the camera. Here’s an example




Before I forget.. the host for the show was Daphne Iking.

Now.. She’s HOT. Very good looking and she really made the show really…ummm.. Hot.

let me present to you.. Daphne… jeng..jeng..


Above was Daphne off stage… Here’s how she was on Stage…



So.. before she left.. she came up to me and asked if she could have a picture taken with me.. 

Well.. it’s not surprising but me being a nice and humble guy.. I obliged..


p/s: ok lah.. ok lah.. i made up that last bit.. 😉 It was the other way around.. 


So.. peeps.. That’s my interesting story laa.. Best kan? Hahahahaaa…. 

Dont worry.. If you work hard.. suck up and take some tuition classes from me on how to be cool.. someday, you’ll also be able to tell stories like this. 

Hahahahaaa… Wohoo… Ok lah people.. Enough stories. At the end of the day.. It was just an event shoot and it was fun. Good experience for me. And also, I got to catch up with my ex Double Exposure partner Jason POP. 


Nite people… 🙂 🙂 🙂


12 Responses to “Luna Bar does Ari ??!”

  1. i was sooooooooo surprised when u first said daphne asked if she could take a picture with u…..until, of course, u said it was the other way round. I did believe though, initially….

  2. YH: Ey… it could happen you know.. In my fantasy land laa kan.. hahahaa.. Bro.. dreams are free… 🙂 but the fact that you believed me is already an achievement. Wohooo… (i need to get a life…)

  3. Ultraman_evo Says:

    you won yourself a new camera? what about the A900 did you took it home? 24mpx rite?

  4. That was when I was in DE bro.. I won a skinny t. The older model.

    Yeah man.. They loaned me the A900 for the event. Cannot take home laa.. Yes. It’s 24mp. Not bad laa the camera.

  5. Uii Ari…hahahah lama tak nampak siot…terkejut aku tgk sejak bila ko pakai Sony…habis baca 2nd posting baru nampak itu ‘N’…

    Daphne Iking punya gamba masa dia pose kat tepi pool…emm dia punya itu fuselage nampak pelik laa…ahhahaha…

    Keep on blogging…hahahaha…

    A900 apa macam? 9 AF point je ar? Ler…susah tuh kalo potraiture…aku tgh usha full frame ler…

  6. Pat: Hey bro… Hehehe.. No lah.. Me still using Nikon. It was a Sony event that requires me to use a sony. That’s why..

    As for Daphne’s pic, well.. wardrobe malfunction kot.. I think she looks nice there. hehehe…

    A900.. No comments about it. It was ok but the carl zeiss lens was really sharp. Yeah man.. Full frame is the way to go.. wohoo..

  7. I seriously tot Jason was wearing some kinda headgear, then only i realized it’s the twin towers. LOL

  8. the picture of the girl pakai hat tuh daphne??
    gamba tuh mmg cantek..kewl
    ari u tak minat ambil gamba landscape or scenenary ke??
    i guess since u byk travel mungkin u will be fascinated wth scenenary..coz i sendiri prefer ambik landscape than potraite..just asking bro..i takla pakai dlsr cume point n shoot camera je

  9. IB: Hahahaaa… Yes. When I saw the picture, I was like, dude.. u look funny laa with the KLCC growing out of your head..

    Shud: The girl with the hat is one of the models. Not Daphne. As for landscapes… Well, I do shoot a few but my main interest is portraits and cars. If you like, here’s a link to show some of my mediocre attempts at shooting landscapes..

    Proud to be a Malaysian
  10. Ari tq so much for sharing
    :] subhanaAllah semenyer cantek..
    God creation is soo beautiful we’re merely just to capture it
    my personal fave wud be the Titlis, it reminds me of jungfraujoch which i stepped last year, didnt manage to go to Titlis since it already burnt my pocket to be up in the top of europe..hehheheh 😀
    hope to see lots more of natural beautiful landscape frm u..
    i always into natural lanscape, the greens and the water element..happy monday ari

  11. fantastic shot of the gadget 🙂 and owh… i like yr “R” !


    eh ditcha get the gadget?

  12. Shud: Thanks Shud.. I’m glad you also like my wannabe landscape shots.. Its not my fave subject but I do shoot it sometimes.. Do drop by again yee… Hehehe…

    Syaz: Nice kan my R… hahahaaa.. No laa. I didnt get the camera or any of the goodies there.. 😦 only got t-shirt only.. but again.. it’s the experience that counts kan?

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