Mr. 2 mins and 47 sec… ;)

Hello everybody…


Ahhh… I was off for 2 days and it felt really good. 


Well.. because 2 days ago.. I went to the track in Sepang. It was awesome. Let me tell you how it went…


My brother Amir (we call him Dong) called me the night before to inform me of the track day. I said to him..

“Bring it on brother..”

So.. he was to bring his Nissan S15 Silvia and me and my Type-R. Then I remembered my 2 buddies Putra & Yusmar. Called them both but only Yusmar could make it.

Aahhh.. so now we have 2 type R’s and 1 S15.

The track opens at 10am and we were all at Dengkil by 0930. And when we arrived at the tracks.. I was excited to break my R’s virginity.


Fellas.. this is the reason for people to buy the Type-R. To test it on the tracks.





So.. after rolling it out from the pit lane.. I started testing out the R.

I was a bit gentle on the brakes and didnt turn really hard but i kept the revs high. Just to test how it handles. Man.. I wish I could explain better but it felt like it was on rails. I’m impressed. The power kept pulling all the way to the red line and the steering is very responsive. 

I took it around a few laps then came in. Brought Amir & Madduck (Yusmar) a few laps then I wanted to time myself. 

After exiting turn 15, I floored the baby and took all 15 corners a bit more aggressive than before and I came up with a lap time of 2mins 47sec. To me.. thats good for my standards. The top speed on both straight was 190kmh


Picture was shot by Madduck 😉


Anyway.. the feeling was awesome and I’m proud to say that the Type-r is a bloody good car. But then again, not many would appreciate the noise and the discomfort. 


So..ok lah.. enough about cars.. lets talk about photography..


I love photography.


Ok done. That’s it on that topic. 



Yeah.. ok.. it was lame.. again.. 🙂

So.. previously, I was in Frankfurt. It’s Spring now and I did shoot a colleague. I think its nice. What do you think?



Oh shoot.. Its late and I have to sleep coz I’m working tomorrow. anyway.. will update more when I have more stories to yap about. 

Thanks for dropping by.. 



P/s: so.. if people call me Mr 2min 47 sec.. it’s because of my lap time okay.. and NOTHING ELSE. Lol!!!


14 Responses to “Mr. 2 mins and 47 sec… ;)”

  1. ohhh.. finally the type-R was deflowered by Ari! ahahaha.. mr 2mins 47secs? ahahaha.. i will not comment on that.

    ohhh.. tadi i played guitar hero with a bunch of your colleagues. ahaha. awesome.

  2. ok i just noticed too much “ahahaha” up there. haish. sorrylah dah mamai. it’s already 4am :p

  3. IB: Yes. Now my car is a grown girl. So please dont make her angry. She has a very bad mood swings.

    Guitar hero main lagu ape? Wings? Or GnR? hahahaa…

  4. Wonderful shot of your colleague 😀

  5. Mohan: Thanks bro.. It does look very spring with all those flowers right? Hehehe…

  6. huish i ingat apa lah tadi… 2 min 47 sec. im like.. mmmmm ahahahahaha..
    okay.. shooooootttt.. i really like the interior of yr monster lah. nampak … very .. elegant but sporty..

  7. hey, bro…or should i call u sir..haaa. we’d met before this, at MAS HR office, 20th oct, last year.. but i’m not sure whether u could still remember me or not. I was waiting for my turn to enter the interview room, and suddenly u came coz u wanna meet captains who were conducting the interview. we had a short a conversation, u told me that have flown for MAS for 11 years, and ur flying school was LATC. I still remember ur conversation thru phone, with a doctor i guess, about ur granma, fatma al-zahra (sorry if im wrong). Anyway, all ur pics are AWESOME!! i like it.. =D

  8. ari7474 Says:

    Syaz: Hey .. I see ur website is still under construction eh? Tak siap lagi? Anyway, as for my R, is the interior nice? It’s very minimal but enough for me laa.. Like i said, not many people especially girls would like it. So, you must be the few that does. Thanks yaa.. Nanti we can go vroom vroom.. hehehee…

    akmal: Hey bro.. yes dude.. I remember you. But I cant really recall how you look like unless you’re some HOT babe laa kan.. hahaha.. Eh.. please dont call me Sir laa.. you can call me Ari or Mr Handsome but tak payah sir..
    So.. how was the interview? Good? Should be laa kan 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and yes.. I was having a conversation with my grandma’s doctor. Man.. you have a good memory.. and since you like my pictures.. that means you have good eyesight too.. hahahaa..
    Cheers buddy 🙂

  9. oohh..gosh!! u remember me..haha. oke2, i’ll not call u sir, Mr Handsome. ;P my eyesight is normal’s ur pics, lawa giler!! hopefully someday we can go for spotting togetha (after saya dah on9 la, now still a cadet, rase timid sgt). Hopefully u can teach me ur snapping skills. I used dslr too. But, im a canon lover..haha.

    my interview? alhamdulillah…i successfully passed it. thanx dude. 🙂

  10. ari7474 Says:

    Spotting?? U mean plane spotting ke? If thats what you mean, then you’re better off following my buddy TK. I’ve only done plane spotting once and I find it not suitable for my photography..

    If you wanna go shoot cars or models.. then we’re on the same frequency. Hahahaaa…

    Ok lah Mr Canon lover.. hope to see some stylo shots from you aite..

  11. uncle ari main basketball not like TROY BOLTON but looks like NBA player nanti main lagi ok

  12. main lagi ko opps ok sry saje kutuk hehehe

  13. hello there,

    what a coincidence i stumbled upon your blog, was just talking to Eme Arizal 2 days back and he mentioned your name,more specifically , your car.
    how do you manage lah, with a dslr in your nav bag, isnt it heavy enough!?? anyway your brother should know me, we slog it out together in our LCC.
    what else on the R besides the Js racing exhaust? i see 190 on the speedometer,HONDATA already?

  14. ari7474 Says:

    Hi there neesern,

    Yeah bro.. I m having a tough time shuffling between shooting and driving. And also working 😉 But you know how it is when it comes to passion rite..?

    Actually, what i have on the R is not a J’s exhaust but the M7. Other than that, it’s pretty much stock. No Hondata or anything… Still no money laa.. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.. Cheers buddy..

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