Hey there..


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty tied up. Oh well.. lately, I’ve been thinking.. Do you all have dreams? Goals? Something that you really want to achieve but dont really know how?


Well.. I dont have the answers but I read a book 2 years ago that says most people want to be good/great. Meaning they want to excel in what they do but dont want to make the sacrifice. What I’m trying to say is.. I have a goal, I want to be good in my day job and at the same time, excel in my photography. But.. there’s the sacrifice part. I’d have to forego much time trying to achieve my goals. Now, is that wrong? I sometimes have this sort of arguments in my head saying that I need to slow things down a bit but I cant. I also read that people in my age group, they’re really hell bent on succeeding. 

Eddy vs Eddy

(This is Eddy.. one of my good buddy.. he posed for me.) 


Anyway, this is how I feel actually.. in me. Fighting with myself all the time. A part of me is saying that some of the things that I’m doing right now is wrong but another part says its okay.. 

So peeps, sometimes, you do have to make sacrifices in order to achieve what you want. I’m still trying to balance my hectic life. I do hope someday I’ll get to where I want to be and still keep all that I have intact. 


Yeah.. I know.. being emo again. But, so as not to drag all of you into my emoness, I’ll share a picture of Stella with ya ok? This was shot last week. I kinda like it.

Stella 4-a23


So.. just a thought.. and if anybody cares to read, I’d appreciate some feedback too.. thanks in advance.

Take care then.. Nite 🙂


11 Responses to “Dreams..”

  1. Cute Stella. 🙂 cute pose also…

  2. yeah.. with dreams, come all the sacrifices.. but since you’re doing something that you love (both flying and photography) i think it feels less of a burden to you kan. so don’t dwell too much about it aight.

    and stella.. well.. she looks stunning =)

  3. Assalamualaikum, suddenly i remembered surah al-Asr 1-3,so, im going to give u a feedback. (^_^)

    imagine, ur a washing machine. What would a washing machine dream of? To wash . And not just to wash ordinary cloths but high silky or very expensive cloths.Or wash at high speed without damaging the cloths.Most of all, all of these are gonna pleased the inventor/creater. Just like wat u said, it wants to be good/great. But, y wont the washing machine have a dream of being a dust bin? It still have a hole, so u can throw trash in it. y wont it dream of being a basketball net ? we can still throw balls in it.

    1sr of all, b4 it dreams,it knows what’s the purpose of it’s existence.

    achieving the right dream is not a waste of time. achieving trash is a waste of time.

    btw, i have a dream too. i want to be one of the people in At-Taubah 111.

    May you achieve the right dream (^^,)V

  4. iem2iem Says:

    ha ha . . .edy han. . . now he looks like a pro. . .

  5. heyya. been awhile not reading ur blog.

    i’m in the same situation. part of me want to quit current job and other parts say cannot.

    i guess we have to do what we wants that shud be divided into parts.

    doing it part time kot 🙂

  6. Rokie: Thanks buddy.. Sorry for the late reply.. Was kinda busy with work.

    IB: Yes. Ur right. I do love both but to excel in either or both requires plenty of time and dedication.

  7. Izyan: Firstly, thanks for the time given to write me your opinion. I also appreciate you giving me the reference from which surah too. Anyway, it took me a while to digest this but I’ll write something in return for you.

    I get what you’re trying to say but what I meant is.. sometimes, for us to succeed, or should I say, I think that for me to do well in something, I need to work hard for it. Nothing is going to fall from the sky. No one is going to give me a free ride. So, we have to berusaha. And, the price you pay for hardwork is.. less time.

    The question that I have is, is it all worth it? What if it doesnt work out? Wouldnt the time spent “dwelling” on it be wasted? So.. again, those are the things that I have in my head. But as what you’ve said, have the “right” dream and insyallah.. things will fall in to place.

    Thanks again Izyan. Have fun in Japan. Take care 🙂

  8. Iem2iem: Eddy looks like a pro??? progol got laaa… hahahahaa…

    Jucci: Hey there.. thanks for your feedback. I do agree to what you said. Sometimes in life.. we face plenty of challenges. Many decisions to make. Hopefully, when we look back, we’re satisfied with the choices we make.

  9. hi Mr. Ari

    have to agree on this one

    “The question that I have is, is it all worth it? What if it doesnt work out? Wouldnt the time spent “dwelling” on it be wasted? So.. again, those are the things that I have in my head. But as what you’ve said, have the “right” dream and insyallah.. things will fall in to place.”

    I’ll be super devastated if my hard work didn’t pay off or easily went into the drain. Not only in career matters. What I’ve been through in the exact same situation that u meant was on my lovelife. All the years been wasted when ive tried hard enuff but can’t marry the guy that i love. sad and unfair 😦


  10. salam,

    thanks for replying my comment. Because of your reply i got some ideas what to write in my blog. this is the link to my post http://tunizyandalila.blogspot.com/2009/06/apakah-dengan-berkerja-keras-itu.html
    i just thought u would like to read it. feel free to comment (^^,)

  11. Ariiiiiiiiiiiii!
    Long time no seeeeee!
    Haha! Nice pic and self-flattering!
    I can see stella and nice textured pic lah!

    I miss you guys!
    Kirim salam kakak!

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