Ari does New Zealand…

Hey there peeps…


Let me tell you.. It’s bloody cold there. Sunset was around 5.30pm and it was cloudy and it did rain sometimes.. 


What am I talking about..? Well, I was in Auckland with a few friends.. We decided to drive around and snap some pictures. Pretty cool idea rite? Ok..ok.. Yes. I know we dont have to be a rocket scientist to know that the scenery in New Zealand is breath taking. But.. because I dont want to be like any other Tom, Dick and Harry that shoots landscapes (actually.. in all honesty, I cant shoot landscapes.. even if I copy it from a postcard also it wont work.. sad right??), I’ve decided to shoot what I saw as we drove along heading south from Auckland.


Ok.. So, I was the designated driver. We drove for over 800km in 2 days. Massive. And we did take some short stops along the way for smoke break laa.. wee wee break laa.. camwhore break laa.. and so on and so forth.. but, the most cool stop we did was when one of my friends wanted to take pictures with the cows in NZ. I was like.. Ok. Lets pose with them cows.. So.. after we got off our car, I went straight to chatting them up. As you know, before we shoot models, we need to make them comfortable kan..kan..


Ari: Hey Cows..

Cow: Moo.. (Yo man.. what’s up..? Havent seen cows before..?)

Ari: Of course seen before.. but just asking if you guys wanna pose for my Nikon? I can make you and your friends famous…

Cow: Moo..moo.. (Yeah.. Sure thing buddy..)  



So.. after my brief conversation with them and a couple of ciggies later.. we drove off heading further south. 

After several “beep beep” warning from the GPS saying that I was 4 km/h over the speed limit, we stopped again. This time was to snap some pictures. Nice scenery but I’ve decided to post this picture of my friend. I kinda like it. 

Truck Sepia

Nice kan? Thanks for the compliments peeps.. 

Oh please.. enough flattery.. You guys and gals are making me blush laa praising me too much.. Hahahahahaa…


Anyway.. I’ll continue my story laa ok.. So, basically, we went to Huka Falls, Lake Taupo, and this beach called.. called what eh? I forgot laa.. The name sounds like.. Wakarinauo Beach or something like that.. Later I check the map again.. So please dont scold me if I got it wrong.. not my fault.. 

Anyway, here’s what I got from the beach.. it was nice.. the sunset and all.. Wanna see?


Of course you wanna see… Coz it’s nice 🙂




The life of the people there seems very laid back. Relaxed. I’m sure their stress levels are low compared to say.. my hometown in Manhattan.. LOL..


At the end of the day.. After driving for 2 days and seeing part of New Zealand, I’ve concluded that it is indeed a nice place to visit. If only we had more time there it would’ve been better. But.. I’m not gonna complain.. I was happy to even be there.. 


Ok lah people.. I think I’m gonna catch some zzz soon.. I hope you’ve enjoyed this very educational and intellectual story coupled with superbly taken photos but before i end this.. as usual.. I’m gonna include one last picture. This is the kind of picture you’d want on your desk top. Super Nice. You can email me and buy this picture and I’ll sign it for you plus I’ll also include a hemsem picture of me as a bonus. Hahahaaa… Nite peeps..

And for the Daddys that’s reading this.. Happy Fathers’ Day..

Tree Sunset


12 Responses to “Ari does New Zealand…”

  1. Nice….. !!!!!!!! I really like New Zealand after I watched the LOTR ( they shoot the movie there).

    its been ages since I heard frm u :DDDDDD glad to u know ur having fun :DDDD

  2. hahahahhaa… ur post never fail to make me laugh lah. farney man.

  3. ari7474 Says:

    Syaz: Hey there.. yeah.. it’s been a while kan.. We should organize a tt soonish laa with the gang.. Oh.. as for my NZ trip, it was pretty cool. Nice views everywhere.. But I memang tak terrer laa nak shoot scenery.. Haish..

    IB: I’ve often read in girly magazines that chicks dig guys with a good sense of humor. Betul ke? If true.. then Ben Stiller should be more popular than Brad laa kan.. Hahahaaa…

  4. bestnyer….sanagt cantik tempat tue.:)
    n da cows too..

    but u are beautiful then all dat things…
    best kan g tmpt orang…

    salam kenal sis.:)

  5. bestnyer….sangat cantik tempat tue.:)
    n da cows too..

    but u are beautiful then all dat things…
    best kan g tmpt orang…

    neawy, cook blog u have.

    salam kenal sis.:)

  6. This is such a wonderful piece! I really enjoyed the content as well as the photos. There is a nice storyline to your blog which makes it even more interesting.

    Thank you Megat…

  7. no wonder la lembu tu nampak tak friendly, you talked Yankee to them, them Kiwis talk a bit ockerish way, mate!

  8. aitz bro…i think i saw ur car at subang yesterday…cool seyh! err…goin for another sim ke?

  9. Miez Ninie: Hey there.. thanks for the comments but did you just say that I’m beautiful than all that things? Hehehe.. I think you meant something else kan.. Anyway, thanks again for dropping by.. Do stop by again aite..

    FlyGin: Hahahaa.. yeah.. No wonder they were upset.. With my NY accent, and “tak pandai cakap melayu coz I was in New York for 3 days” kan.. Will keep that in mind on my next trip to NZ. Hahahaa..

  10. Zaileen: I seriously think you’re very generous with your kind words.. Either way, I’ll take it. Hehehe.. Thanks Zaileen.. Will email you soonish..

    Snake: hey dude.. yeah.. I was in subang.. not sim bro.. just doing some classes aje.. cool ke my car? Hehehe … Thanks bro..

  11. aunt Lea@tazham Says:

    Congratulations!! This is fabulous…I luv the mood-luv the pics.The beauty of nature gives us great enjoyment..

  12. Aunt Lea: Thank you very much. It’s true.. Nature really is beautiful. Sometimes, we just dont appreciate it.

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