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Estee Lauder Model Search 2009 by ari7474

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Just a few days ago.. some of my best mates decided to climb Mount Kinabalu. They invited me but I on the other hand, had a trip to Tanjung Jara in Terengganu. 

Now, if you were me.. which would you go? 

a) To strain my muscles and climb the mountain. 

b) To spend 3 days with the winners of the Estee Lauder Model Search 2009 competition.


EXACTLY! I chose “b” as well coz it’s the noble thing to do 😉


So.. Ladies and gentlemen, let me show you Tg Jara. 

Tg Jara

Nice kan? 

Wrong.. It’s Damn Nice.. Hahahhaa…


Anyway, lets not waste time and get straight to the best part. The shooting of the models. 

Before that, I’d like to introduce the models to you. 

Ok.. I didnt do the standard interview like how the press used to interview me because I’m famous and all (hahahaa….) but instead, I tried to get to know the real them. How they are when not in front of the camera. Now thats really hard for someone shy and modest but handsome like me but yeah.. someone’s gotta do it right?


Anyway, we’ll start with the winner for Category A and Sony’s Most Photo Perfect.. Jennifer Pedersen.

Okay.. There’s no doubt she’s very pretty and photogenic but the thing is.. I find her very cute too. The way she carries herself. She’s very cheeky and playful. Very down to earth. I think, that was why the judges fell in love with her. Her character. In other words.. very funny yet when in front of the camera, she could pull off any look she wants. Superb.


Here’s some snaps of Jennifer that I took. Sure you all say nice.. 

Jen 2

Jen 4


I have plenty more nice shots but cannot laa show all right? Hehehe…


Next one is.. Carol. The Category B winner. (Cat B is for contestant above 30yrs old)


Carol is a yoga instructor and She’s 38 but she looks like she’s 28. She’s soooo nice in person. In fact, too nice. You can never hear her talk bad about anything. Always smiling and cheerful. I think her 2 kids would be very proud of their Hot Mama.. Wohooo….


carol 2


And last but not least, it’s Eclipse’s Most Elegant and Andrew’s Models Most Promising Catwalk winner… Juanita.

Who happen to also be Malaysia’s Dreamgirl 2 winner.

This lady here is a no nonsense type of girl. She likes to get things done properly and she’s very competitive. Very serious with her work and she pulled off some high fashion super model kinda pose. She’ll make it big as a model.

“Ey Juanita.. when you’re in Milan or Paris or New York shooting.. dont forget me yaa.. ”





The thing is.. these ladies here.. they’re all very nice people. Nice people with good looks. Just like me except I’m the male version laa.. hahaha.. 

Me and the models

This picture was taken by Helen Pedersen. Jennifer’s mom. She’s also very terrer with the camera. 

So..? Whaddaya think? Nice right..? 

The models.. the location.. the images.. the photographer.. all very nice rite..

Aww.. gee.. Ok..ok.. enough compliments please.. I’m blushing already.. Hahahahaa…

Well.. thats it lah folks.. I have more but I need to sleep and go to work tomorrow. 

Will story somemore next time yee.. 

But as usual, before I end my very smart story.. I’d like to show you 1 of my fave picture during the trip.

Very niceeeee… 

Enjoy and have a good nite.. Oh.. and if you’re at work.. dont sleep lah.. hehehe..

Ciao Peeps..

Jen 1bnw


the Italian Job with Sony A900..

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Bongiorno peeps… It’s been a while since I’ve last updated eh? Miss me? Really?? Awww… Let’s not get emotional okay.. I’m here.. Shhh.. It’s alright.. Let it all out..




Anyway.. yeah.. It’s been pretty hectic for me. With work and all but just a few days ago, I was in Rome and I made some new Italian friends. They were my second as my first Italian good friend is Monica Belucci 🙂



It’s just that many times she called and text me, I was busy kan.. So.. It’s been a while since we had our teh tarik. Hahahaa.. 

Yeah.. Dreams are free.. Wohoo..


Ok lah.. Lets get back to business. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try out the super duper Sony Alpha A900. And what better way to test it than to bring it to Italy right? Man.. With 24 Megapixels, the file size was huge. Details were awesome. So, here’s how I spent my days in Rome. 


Upon arrival, I slept. Zzzzzz.. Didnt snore. Just the normal shut eye. Then, when I got up, I was hungry. Had some bread and then my friend called. 

Friend: “Ey Ari.. you awake?”

Handsome: “Yeah.. hungry lah..”

Friend: “Good.. Lets go Ostia and have makan”


Within minutes, I was up and had my shower. Looking good as usual (I’m not a vain pot but it’s the truth. Hahahaa..) and off we went to Ostia.

Ostia is by the beach and they have plenty of cool… err.. beaches.

Ostia Beach

Beach House in Ostia


Nice kan? All the young Italians were there chillin out by the bars and beach clubs.

So.. me and my friend walked and walked until we found this place that sells pizza. I had one of them Margharita Pizza which is tomato and cheese. Damn Nice

Me in Ostia


And then, without me realizing, next door, there was some sort of party going on. With stage dancers and all. Very nice dancers I might add..

Salsa in Ostia-3

Salsa in Ostia-4


There was plenty of people dancing with the beat. Some really cool stuff. I’m not sure what type of dance it was but I can bet you it wasn’t the shuffle or any hip hop dance battle laa kan.. hahahaa..


Anyway.. that was for day 1, on day 2, I went to town and previously, I met a sweet young girl. Her name is Francesca Ferrari. Yes.. It’s Ferrari (my fave F1 team). So, I asked her if I could take some of her pictures and she obliged. She also invited me out to dinner with her aunts as well.

Francesca 2 

Francesca 4a


She was studying in Malaysia for 2 years and now she’s back in Rome. 

And then.. Aunt Emilia brought us to dinner at a very cool Italian joint. Real authentic Italian food. Unlike those you find at Pizza Uno.. 

Food there was really good and the company was even better. I learnt a lot from that day itself then all this time when I went to Rome all by myself. 

Here’s some snapshots from dinner.



Francesca-1 BnW


Zia Emillia

Zia Emillia



Berna 2


Well people.. Now I have 4 italian friends. Dont play play.. Hahahaaa…

So yeah.. the pictures above were taken with the A900. Mostly at very high iso 3200. 

Aite then.. again.. thank you for reading this very informative blog. I hope you’ll find it very productive in increasing your knowledge. Hahahaaa…


Ciao peeps..