Estee Lauder Model Search 2009 by ari7474

Just a few days ago.. some of my best mates decided to climb Mount Kinabalu. They invited me but I on the other hand, had a trip to Tanjung Jara in Terengganu. 

Now, if you were me.. which would you go? 

a) To strain my muscles and climb the mountain. 

b) To spend 3 days with the winners of the Estee Lauder Model Search 2009 competition.


EXACTLY! I chose “b” as well coz it’s the noble thing to do 😉


So.. Ladies and gentlemen, let me show you Tg Jara. 

Tg Jara

Nice kan? 

Wrong.. It’s Damn Nice.. Hahahhaa…


Anyway, lets not waste time and get straight to the best part. The shooting of the models. 

Before that, I’d like to introduce the models to you. 

Ok.. I didnt do the standard interview like how the press used to interview me because I’m famous and all (hahahaa….) but instead, I tried to get to know the real them. How they are when not in front of the camera. Now thats really hard for someone shy and modest but handsome like me but yeah.. someone’s gotta do it right?


Anyway, we’ll start with the winner for Category A and Sony’s Most Photo Perfect.. Jennifer Pedersen.

Okay.. There’s no doubt she’s very pretty and photogenic but the thing is.. I find her very cute too. The way she carries herself. She’s very cheeky and playful. Very down to earth. I think, that was why the judges fell in love with her. Her character. In other words.. very funny yet when in front of the camera, she could pull off any look she wants. Superb.


Here’s some snaps of Jennifer that I took. Sure you all say nice.. 

Jen 2

Jen 4


I have plenty more nice shots but cannot laa show all right? Hehehe…


Next one is.. Carol. The Category B winner. (Cat B is for contestant above 30yrs old)


Carol is a yoga instructor and She’s 38 but she looks like she’s 28. She’s soooo nice in person. In fact, too nice. You can never hear her talk bad about anything. Always smiling and cheerful. I think her 2 kids would be very proud of their Hot Mama.. Wohooo….


carol 2


And last but not least, it’s Eclipse’s Most Elegant and Andrew’s Models Most Promising Catwalk winner… Juanita.

Who happen to also be Malaysia’s Dreamgirl 2 winner.

This lady here is a no nonsense type of girl. She likes to get things done properly and she’s very competitive. Very serious with her work and she pulled off some high fashion super model kinda pose. She’ll make it big as a model.

“Ey Juanita.. when you’re in Milan or Paris or New York shooting.. dont forget me yaa.. ”





The thing is.. these ladies here.. they’re all very nice people. Nice people with good looks. Just like me except I’m the male version laa.. hahaha.. 

Me and the models

This picture was taken by Helen Pedersen. Jennifer’s mom. She’s also very terrer with the camera. 

So..? Whaddaya think? Nice right..? 

The models.. the location.. the images.. the photographer.. all very nice rite..

Aww.. gee.. Ok..ok.. enough compliments please.. I’m blushing already.. Hahahahaa…

Well.. thats it lah folks.. I have more but I need to sleep and go to work tomorrow. 

Will story somemore next time yee.. 

But as usual, before I end my very smart story.. I’d like to show you 1 of my fave picture during the trip.

Very niceeeee… 

Enjoy and have a good nite.. Oh.. and if you’re at work.. dont sleep lah.. hehehe..

Ciao Peeps..

Jen 1bnw


29 Responses to “Estee Lauder Model Search 2009 by ari7474”

  1. chantek nyaaaaa~
    wooh jennifer leaning on you…. dun be naughty, ari 😉

  2. Hey bryan..

    Where got naughty 😉 hehehe…

    Anyway.. nice kan the models..? They’re very photogenic. Makes it a lil easier for the handsome photographer. Hahahaa…

  3. Helen Pedersen Says:

    Well Done!! with all yr pic here & i loveeee the sunset pic.
    Post more pic to my email… plsss… 🙂

  4. Ariii..bila u snap the last pic tu eh…awesome…anyhow…all the pic is damn pretty….cantik gila beb…apsal that day i tengok cam besa jerrr…well done…huhu..ur job is finish while me and Huda still dok bertukang ketuk keyboaad meh…help me!! Semua cantik..what to say…hik! Je t’adore..haha!..errr kim salam sama itu kakak yek..Monica…:-)

  5. PuTrA KaMRiN AzRaN Says:

    Hey bro’.. Nice pics and story, as usual..
    and the last one I am sure you’d got a loads more with you.. 😉

    PuTrA KaMRiN AzRaN

  6. ari.. ari… *shaking head*

  7. ari7474 Says:

    Raven: Hey man.. thanks for dropping by.. Love your pictures too 🙂

    Helen: Thanks Helen.. I still haven’t submitted the pics yet. When it’s all done, will send all the nice ones. I’m sure you want them all with Jennifer. She’s very easy to work with..

  8. ari7474 Says:

    Ladybeattles: Kak.. Nice kan the last picture? I took it before we left laa. Most of the pictures yang you saw was pure raw files.. It was made to be flat. I prefer to do what I want with it rather than leave it to the cam. Anyway, kerja I tak habis lagi laa. I still havent submitted the shots yet. Ni semua rough editing aje.
    Oh yaa.. Kak Monica kirim salam jugak.. hahahaa…

  9. ari7474 Says:

    Putra: Yeah bro.. I have a few more. Not so banyak laa.. But I like this one.

    IB: Yes..? Why the head shaking? Not nice ke..?

  10. may I know what’s the lens on your camera as well as your camera?

  11. ..kak Monica kim salam?? Yayyy!! Im still searching her pic with black caviar on her body..phew…ngee!

  12. ari7474 Says:

    Got ke with black caviar on her body? She didnt tell me pon… Hahahaha..
    Eh, kalau dah ada, do share with me the picture okay..

  13. shook head sebab tengok muka Ari seronok dikelilingi gorgeous babes. hahaha.

  14. got laa…dats y im looking for that mehh..err share the pic with u..heheheh..okie donkie!..

  15. ari7474 Says:

    Shadow: Ooppss.. Sorry man.. Missed your comment. Well, for this shoot, was using the Sony Alpha. A900/A700 and A380. Lens was the 17-35mm, 24-70mm and the 70-200mm. Hope that helps.

    IB: Eeee… Seronoknye.. Hahahaa.. I think the gorgeous babes pun seronok mengelilingi me. LOL! Hahahaa…

    Lady beatles: Jangan lupe share the gambar okay…

  16. seronok mengelilingi you? hahaha you ni memang takleh blah =p

  17. hot models la bro..shot alone?waaa…terrer la you..hehehe

  18. ari7474 Says:

    IB: Hey.. it’s the truth.. Dont believe, you can ask them. Eh.. on second thought, tak payah lah ask them. Hahaha.. Nanti I kena “delete” in FB. Dah lah no friends.. yang ade pun kena delete. Haish.. So.. dont ask them okay.. just take my word for it la.

    Nazri: Yeah bro.. “HOT” is an understatement.. Eh? I terrer ke?? You nie best laa.. Jom. I belanja teh o ais limau gelas besar.. LOL.

  19. bro,….. nice la…. what happen? getting better ni…. jeles i….

  20. ari7474 Says:

    Seth bro, dont laa jeles.. Ur having a blast in KCH too with all the beach shots and all kan..kan.. hehehe..

  21. Hi ari, ;)..I happen to go to ur blog when I search for Estee Lauder winners pic. Ur snapshots are nice, awesome..;)…n i like the way u blog, entertaining..;)..

  22. Hey Caroline..

    Thanks for the kind words.. Do drop by again.. Hehehe..

  23. Hey again..;)..saw ur work at InTrend mag was great ;)..and there are a small photo of u too. 🙂

  24. Caroline: hey there again 🙂

    Yeap.. I’m glad you liked it and there’s another spread on FEMALE magazine too. The pictures there are slightly different.

    As for my little picture, well.. I did hope they chose a better one but they went with that. It’s not my best pose. Hahahaha…

  25. yeay go jennifer! i’ve met her once, and she’s everything you described 😉

  26. Very true Abby.. I’m pretty sure she’s busy with modeling and other commercial jobs now. Her character is what makes her special. I’m really looking forward to work with her again in the future..

    Thanks for dropping by Abby.. Cheers..

  27. This is the nice site! I enjoy examples of articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll definately be visiting again!

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