the Red Stig…



Me:  Heylooo…

Schumacher:  Hey buddy.. It’s been a long time ya.. How’s things..?

Me:  Eyyy.. Mikey.. Things are good.. How’s your F1 prep going?

Schumi:  Ahh.. it’s a little bit harder than I thought.. Anyway, Jeremy called me..

Me:  Jeremy who? Clarkson?

Schumi:  Yeah.. And he was wondering if you could fill me in as the Stig while I’m replacing Massa.

Me:  Aww.. man.. I’m a bit tied up with Model shoots and all but for you my old buddy.. I’ll squeeze the time..


And so.. that’s how it began.. 

You see.. for the non petrolheads, BBC has this show called Top Gear. The host is Jeremy Clarkson. And it’s a show about cars and all lah rite.. And the test driver for the show is called Stig. The identity of Stig is unknown. It’s normally either White or Black Stig. So.. to cut a long story short, Stig tests all the rides in Top Gear and he’s very famous. Recently, Michael Schumacher revealed he was the Stig. (fellas.. to know more.. you google lah okay..) 😉


So.. now, I’m the Red Stig. And I’m required to test the Honda Civic Type-R (FD2R).

Here’s some technical specs  for those who wish to know…

Engine: 2 Litre iVtec

Horsepower: Can do lah.. Enough to smoke the normal Civic 😉

Handling: Very Good.. 


So.. this is how it is during the test..

Red Stig & 7474a

Red Stig inside


“Shall we go burn some rubber?”


And so.. off the Red Stig went accelerating from 0-very fast..

Huish.. Red Stig is impressed !

Red Stig 222


And then.. the brochure said, this car handles very well.. So.. lets see if the Red Stig can tame this beast..


Red Stig 3


Wow.. This car is actually quite good lah.. I think it’s more at home in the tracks than on the road but  for certain people.. you can use it as a family car to ferry the kids to school or to take your parents to the mall and all.. Up to you lah.. hehehe..

So.. this is the Red Stig’s verdict..

Red Stig 4


2 thumbs up !! Hehehehe..



Okaylah.. I’m actually on Annual Leave and was supposed to go on vacation with the family but with the AH1N1 and all.. we decided to take our holiday destination locally. Hence the time to actually come up with this story. Hehehe.. It’s nice right the story and the photography..? Thanks guys.. No hard feelings yaa.. 



13 Responses to “the Red Stig…”

  1. sempat pulak pegi merempit. nice helmet! darth vader version baik (sikit) ker?

  2. Love the helmet anddd the car !! 🙂

  3. ladybeattles71 Says:

    Grrrr…jelesz meh…anyway..i also got a handsome one…Honda Perfectionist (…hehe..eventhought its only a pic..its really make me…awww!

  4. IB: Not merempit lah.. Just a simple photo shoot with cars. Nice kan the Simpson helmet? I loike…

    Keith: Thanks buddy..

    Ladybeattles: Ahhh.. the Perfectionist. Accord. Nice kan? Anyway, during the launch at 1U, my friends did the photoshoot. Love the BnW images. Anyway, its a nice car but not my type of car… Hehe…

  5. PuTrA KaMRiN AzRaN Says:

    What else can I say! You’d left me again, for the photoshoot! Damn! But Its Really F**K**G Nice though!! 😐

  6. Putra: Hey bro.. Firstly, I told you I had a photoshoot when you called kan..kan.. But then again.. it was a quick one as we were a bit tired. Either way, i think the outcome was really nice. I was sweating like crazy in the 3 layer suit and now i understand how models feel when they go for shoots. Not easy lah to be model 🙂

  7. PuTrA KaMRiN AzRaN Says:

    Okay okay bro’.. hEhE! Anyway I really like the ‘idea’ of it.. And came up the picture is great!

  8. Thanks again buddy..

    Credits to Madduck too for making this possible 🙂

  9. wow!…nice man!..the pictures are is the RED stig la..hehehe…congratz!

  10. Josh: Nice right?? Hehehe.. thanks buddy..

  11. ding dong! bila nak update ni..dah bersawang..haha

  12. Hey! Awesome pictures! Anyway, where did you get that helmet? I want one! 😀

  13. Hey Passerby..

    I’m not sure where you’re from but I got the Simpson from the US. I dont think they have it here locally (in malaysia)..

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