Roller Coaster month :)

Let me tell you that since my last post, there has been plenty of happenings in my life. 

Some ups and downs that really shook me a bit but it has stabilized a little now. Things have settled in and I can story a bit laa what happen. I’ll tell you about the “ups” okay..


“Say again??” What.. you want me to tell you what happen now..?

You’re so excited that you cant wait another minute to hear my story???


Oh well.. if you insist.. who am I to resist right.. hehehe…


Last week.. jeng..jeng..




suspense is building up eh..


cold sweat is trickling down your neck..






The surprise is… my WEBSITE is up and alive at



Cool kan..kan???

I’ve got an idea.. why dont ya’ll go and check it out and tell me what you think.

What? You dont have time to do so?

Eh.. Come on laa.. It’s really nice.. Got nice pictures and all.. Very pretty. hehehe..



And then.. guess what again?

I went to the Sepang track with all the other Type-Rs. It was a really good outing with those guys but the main thing that made my day was.. I broke my own personal best time. Just like Usain Bolt. I broke my own personal world record. Previously, it was 2min 47sec but this time, I did 2min 44sec. That’s shocking news kan.. I shaved off 3 seconds. And I was wearing jeans some more. Imagine if I was using shorts and didnt eat breakfast and go poo poo before the session, I could cut down a few  more seconds kan. Sure become very terrer and then Ferrari would call me up to replace Massa and all.. Haish.. 


Stig & 7474


Hehehee… Enough stories about me now.. I m not so conceited laaa… Not as much as you think. heh. 

Just a few days ago, I was at a friends studio. His name is Azman and he just did his “studio mudio” launch. Very nicely done. Am very proud of him. Here’s some pics I took during the launch.





Ok lah peeps.. I have more stories but i’ll leave it for my next post aite.. 

and … just before i end this, I’d like to share a picture i took recently. I kinda like the mood here.. nite peeps.. thanks for your time reading this..





12 Responses to “Roller Coaster month :)”

  1. was Ariani kan…bekas bini Hattan? m i rite…waaa itu launch sangat bagus meh…

  2. ..and the website is AMAZINGGGGG……like it!

  3. arrgghh… bulan puasa ni wei *tutup mata*

  4. oooohhh… so pretty ur website! pandai u buat! 😉

  5. Lady B: Yes, she’s Arianie. The launch was really nice and my friend Azman did a good job. Oh btw, you know Arianie ke?

    As for my website..nice kan. Very stylo mylo.. wohoo…

    IB: Haish.. when I posted this, belum imsak lagi. But now, kena tutup mata lah ek… hehehe…

    Imee: Of course lar pretty. It was done by Tarakumba Macha 🙂 Hahahaha…

    p/s: My website was done by but my father said it was Tarakumba Macha so, I’m gonna stick with that. Jangan marah eh bro..

  6. no lar bro…i kenal dia…dia tak kenal i..ala dulu dia pernah datang opis ikut bekas laki dia..haha…

  7. Lady B: Oooohhh… I tak kenal her ex but she’s a nice person herself. Very down to earth. Just like me. Hahahaa…

  8. waa abang dah pandai ambik corner laaa..dulu jalan straight aje..heheheh..

  9. hehehe.. i like this blog..
    da ‘loyar burok’ one make me smile sorang2 depan pc..
    hehehehe… i link ur blog kat blog i..
    boleh kan.. 😀

  10. 4747: Well, we need to learn somewhere.. Now I dah terrer sket amek corner laa. hehehe

    Fieza: Thanks for your err.. compliment.
    Sure..sure.. you can link your blog to mine no problem.. I’m happy that at least someone told me that my story made them smile. I appreciate that. Thanks again Fieza..

  11. Abang Ari,

    How much horsepower wheel does a FD2R has arr? Wats the actual weight of the car also? I was surprise to find out that the FD2R could spank the DC5!!! So please do tell

  12. Hey bro,

    Before I story you.. tell me laa your name at least.. When you reply next you tell me okay..

    Ok. I only know this much.. The wheel horsepower on this car as my buddy has dyno’ed it was around 190bhp. Specs says 225bhp on engine. Actual weight I dont know as I havent been to any official races for them to weigh my car but again, from the spec sheet, it’s 1270kg.

    Well, if you compare stock DC5 and stock FD2R, then maybe on the track, the FD is a little bit faster. But then again, it depends on the driver too. But so far, most FD2Rs that I know are running almost stock with minimum mods. The only thing I felt a bit special with this car is the suspension. Coming straight out of the box, it’s really good.

    Hope this helps..

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