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Flamin’ Hot…

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Heyloooo people..


Let’s pretend like we’re in a concert and the Super Star on stage is asking the audience okay..

Since it’s my story.. So I’ll be the Super Star and you all can be the audience lah.. hehehe..


Ari Handsome: How’s everybody feeling? 

Readers: Feeling HOT !!!

Ari Handsome: Feeling WHAT??!!!

Readers: Feeling FLAMIN’ HOT!!!

Ari Handsome: YEAH!!!!


*at this moment.. you all clap clap your hand and do standing ovation laa..


Okay.. so now you may ask me.. why so hot laa right? And here’s the story why…


Recently, I was in Jakarta. For work incase you’re asking.. And while I was there, the weather was really Hot and I met a beautiful young girl by the name of Flame. 

So.. that’s where I got the title.. Flaming Hot.

Smart eh? I think I’m really cool lah for being so smart to think of such a cool title 🙂 LoL!


Ok..ok.. enough with the compliments.. I’m flattered already..


Now, let me introduce Flame to you.. Well.. her name is Flame. 

She’s young and she happens to be a model. 


Flame 5


When I was there, I took some pictures of her when she and her brother Jesse took me to Taman Mini. Taman Mini is like a mini Indonesia. Very nice. But the only problem was, the park was mostly closed. So, we didnt get to see that much though. 


Indo Flag



Ok.. let me continue my introduction of Flame..

She’s actually Portuguese-Dutch-Indian-Indonesian (Quite a handful eh? hehehe..) 

Currently, she’s teaching English in Jakarta and taking a break from modeling coz she’s 4 months pregnant. Even when pregnant, she could take some time off to show me around. That’s very nice of her and her brother.

We also went for some original Nasi Padang there. Excellent. Nothing like what we have here in KL.


Anyway, before I went back to my hotel, they brought me to some local DVD shop there. Bought a few souvenirs  to bring back home lah 😉 hehehe..

That’s when I took the picture of Flame which you saw at the top just now..

So.. before I end my story about my Jakarta trip, here’s a few more of Flame and her brother Jesse. 


Flame 2

Jesse 1


*ok.. now you can do your round of applause like when the Super Star finish their performance on stage…




Thank You…  😉 


Flame 4


Nobel Prize Winner in the making…

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Hey everyone…


Recently, I’ve been doing some thinking. I dont do it pretty often (the thinking part..) as it uses plenty of energy so, I try to save it for the really important stuff like, should I download Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansen’s picture.. or, how many pair of socks should I bring to work.. you know lah kan.. the kind of things big and important people think about. So, anyway.. I was thinking right.. what if I wanna be a writer?


A few years ago when I was still in school, I still remember my teacher gave me an A+ for my essay during one of the trial exams. But the actual exams no need to tell lah ok. I dont like to brag. Anyway, recently, I did 2 short stories for my company. I think the quality is so damn good that I might win a Nobel Prize. If I win it, dont worry, I’ll try to thank everyone I know here ok.. 


So, here’s the 2 stories. Have a read and tell me what you think.


In-Flight & Foreign Aidilfitri


Pilot’s pictures in Rome


Now.. I have plenty more stories to share but we’ll take it easy ok. 1 at a time. I know.. you all miss me. 

Hehehe.. Selamat ARI Raya peeps. 



Show off.. No lah..

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There’s one thing I hate.. 


Show offs.. 


I hate it when people brag about something.. this laa.. that laa.. I’m the greatest laa.. you’re not terrer laa.. etc..

Please lah.. Other people got better things to hear than what you’ve just bought or how your 2 year old kid can read the encyclopedia.. yadaa..yadaa…



But.. I’m not like that right? I dont show off what I’ve done or anything like that kan.. I only share stories.. Nice interesting and educational stories. 


Like for example… This month, I wouldnt tell people that some of my work was published in a few local magazines. 

Ada I show off to people..? No right.. Ada I bawak jalan jalan inside my car just incase I meet a friend and accidentally drop it so that they can see my work? No. I wouldnt do such a thing. I’m not like that..

I never tell people that a few months ago I did a photoshoot with Estee Lauder and the pictures came out in Female, InTrend and Nu You magazine.


Mag shoot

mag shoot 2


Sheeshh… I’m a just low profile and shy guy that never likes to do those things as mentioned above. 


In fact.. I dont even want to tell people that in the August issue of Digital Camera Magazine, one of my pictures won. 


dcm 1

win 1


Oh.. and I definitely wouldnt tell that I won a Giotto Ball Head. 

That’s so lame kan…

Menang Ball Head pun nak cerita ke..??? 

Ball head


I’ll tell you one thing.. If I ever meet these kind of people who likes to brag kan.. kan.. you know what I’d do…

You know what I’d do???






I’d give them a pat on their back..  🙂


I’d say to them… ‘WAH!!! You’re so Terrer laa”



So people.. next time if you win something ke.. dont show off okay.. it’s not good. 

Tak baik.. 


And if you happen to know people that likes to show off… dont get mad with them.. 

Sabar okay.. I’m sure it’s not their intention to brag.. 🙂



Good Night people…