Show off.. No lah..

There’s one thing I hate.. 


Show offs.. 


I hate it when people brag about something.. this laa.. that laa.. I’m the greatest laa.. you’re not terrer laa.. etc..

Please lah.. Other people got better things to hear than what you’ve just bought or how your 2 year old kid can read the encyclopedia.. yadaa..yadaa…



But.. I’m not like that right? I dont show off what I’ve done or anything like that kan.. I only share stories.. Nice interesting and educational stories. 


Like for example… This month, I wouldnt tell people that some of my work was published in a few local magazines. 

Ada I show off to people..? No right.. Ada I bawak jalan jalan inside my car just incase I meet a friend and accidentally drop it so that they can see my work? No. I wouldnt do such a thing. I’m not like that..

I never tell people that a few months ago I did a photoshoot with Estee Lauder and the pictures came out in Female, InTrend and Nu You magazine.


Mag shoot

mag shoot 2


Sheeshh… I’m a just low profile and shy guy that never likes to do those things as mentioned above. 


In fact.. I dont even want to tell people that in the August issue of Digital Camera Magazine, one of my pictures won. 


dcm 1

win 1


Oh.. and I definitely wouldnt tell that I won a Giotto Ball Head. 

That’s so lame kan…

Menang Ball Head pun nak cerita ke..??? 

Ball head


I’ll tell you one thing.. If I ever meet these kind of people who likes to brag kan.. kan.. you know what I’d do…

You know what I’d do???






I’d give them a pat on their back..  🙂


I’d say to them… ‘WAH!!! You’re so Terrer laa”



So people.. next time if you win something ke.. dont show off okay.. it’s not good. 

Tak baik.. 


And if you happen to know people that likes to show off… dont get mad with them.. 

Sabar okay.. I’m sure it’s not their intention to brag.. 🙂



Good Night people… 




15 Responses to “Show off.. No lah..”

  1. ladybeattles71 Says:

    ari, selamat berpuasa….jangan marah2..nanti tak handsome…haha!

  2. SENGAL-ness at it’s best. Ari.. Ari… *iron butterfly shaking her head

  3. I’ve got Beattles and Butterflies to reply too.. Hehehe…

    Lady Beattles: Selamat Berpuasa Kak.. Ish.. I where got marah marah.. 🙂

    Miss IB: Eh.. I’m sure we agree on this kan.. Who likes to lepak with Show Offs kan..kan.. Tsk..Tsk..
    Heheheheee… IB jangan marah okay..

  4. bro ari, cun gila ah gambar labah2 tuh, best macro tuh, pergghh.. tahniah.. u r so funny, ahahhah

  5. Ari !!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH *peluk* waaaaahh soooo terrerrr wannnnnnnn. 🙂 happy for u 🙂

  6. Faiz: Hey bro… Firstly, I need to make it clear that I DIDN’T shoot the labah-labah 😦 It’s only the cover of the magazine that I didnt want people to know that my picture was in the last page that won the best 50mm shot. Hehehe… And actually.. I’m a very serious person. LOL.

    Syaz: Hey Syazsy 😉 Long time didnt see you here.. Dont laa lansii.. Hehehe.. Anyway, thanks. I’m not terrer… but if you insist.. Ok lah.. Terrer a bit. Wohooo…. Hahahahahahahaa…. 🙂

  7. Hi Ari,
    Didnt know you have the talent of loyar burok and certainly am surprised with your work here..they are superb! No wonder your dad is proud of you and of course he just stop short of bragging..anyway glad that I came into this blog which is entertaining and the photography was very well done.
    Keep up the good work and atterawis flag flying!

  8. Hi Mr Abu Latif,

    Err.. I’m guessing that you found my blog thru my dad eh.. Anyway, thanks for your compliments and I didnt mean to be “loyar buruk” but.. just telling a story only. I hope you dont mind it 🙂

    As for keeping the atterawis flag flying.. by any chance you’re a Megat clan too?

  9. yes am your kin tho am not a megat kalau pangkat am your uncle laa.. your dad is my 2nd or 3rd or 4th cuz, met him during one of our golf outings and yes he told me to google your blog. Btw he was disappointed that you didnt take him as your assistant for fotoshoot at tanjung jara..wonder why..hahaha

  10. ari show off 😛
    ahahaha nolahh, ari hate ppl who show off, he won’t do so la kan? xD

  11. Abu Latiff: Well Sir, thank you for dropping by then 🙂 Hope to see you here again. And as for why I didn’t take my dad along for the shoot.. well, less people, more share lah kan.. hehehe.. (I’m gonna be in so much trouble if he reads this) erk!

    Bryan: See Bryan… You’re the only one that understands my situation 🙂 I knew I could count on you partner. 😉

  12. salam bro Ari…

  13. salam bro Ari..
    seriesly org mcmnihhh jgn layann ..kenkdg tuh naik menyampah kann dgr they keep bragging bout this n tht…cm bagus sgt…tapi terlungkup gakk i tgk..hehhehhe yeahh it happens to me oso..kenkdg tuh i kenkonon layankan aja citer die..tapi kalo kenkdg tuh facts die cam meragukann i balas balik…merah padam n menggelabah japp die, yerlaaa bukan ape, it just a made up bragging ..pdhal blom tentu betull ker..
    heshhhhh org mcmnihhh ader gak kannn…bersyukur aje laaa dgn apa yg kiter ada n apa yg Allah bgk..
    sooryy ahh bro..tensi jap lakkkk ..ohh yeahh btw selamat hari raya bro Ari to u n family

  14. hi ari..
    jumpa blog u dari blog MAS..
    ni baru nak menjelajah en3 sebelum2..
    will be ur follower..

  15. Shud: Actually kan, people that talks a lot ni usually no action. NATO. No Action Talk Only. Hehehe.. Just like an empty vessel, make noise only but in reality, they’re just empty. So, on our part, just layan aje.. It doesnt hurt to make others happy kan? So, that’s what I’d do.. Heh..

    Fieza: Hey there, thanks for dropping by Fieza. What I write here is a bit different than what I write for MAS. Dekat MAS, kena tulis betul betul.. Here it’s more.. laid back laa kan.. Oh well, I hope you’ll find something interesting here 😉 Again, thanks for reading.

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