Nobel Prize Winner in the making…

Hey everyone…


Recently, I’ve been doing some thinking. I dont do it pretty often (the thinking part..) as it uses plenty of energy so, I try to save it for the really important stuff like, should I download Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansen’s picture.. or, how many pair of socks should I bring to work.. you know lah kan.. the kind of things big and important people think about. So, anyway.. I was thinking right.. what if I wanna be a writer?


A few years ago when I was still in school, I still remember my teacher gave me an A+ for my essay during one of the trial exams. But the actual exams no need to tell lah ok. I dont like to brag. Anyway, recently, I did 2 short stories for my company. I think the quality is so damn good that I might win a Nobel Prize. If I win it, dont worry, I’ll try to thank everyone I know here ok.. 


So, here’s the 2 stories. Have a read and tell me what you think.


In-Flight & Foreign Aidilfitri


Pilot’s pictures in Rome


Now.. I have plenty more stories to share but we’ll take it easy ok. 1 at a time. I know.. you all miss me. 

Hehehe.. Selamat ARI Raya peeps. 




6 Responses to “Nobel Prize Winner in the making…”

  1. eh ni bile punye entry nih?

  2. Latest entry lah.. So? Can ke I be a writer?

    Or do I need to use BIG words baru boleh? hehehe..

  3. hehehe.. both i dah baca last week..
    boleh.. boleh jadi writer…
    giler tak boleh????
    entry pilot’s pictures in Rome tu la buat i gigih cari saper la writernyer..
    tgk tgk jumpa blog dia.. lagi best…
    ahahahaha.. sila tak tido malam okeh ari.. 😛

  4. Sure boleh? hehehe.. Thanks Fieza 🙂

    Ni yang semangat ni nak tulis lagi..

    *sila tak tido malam*
    Haish.. thanks Fieza.. Memang dah berapa malam I tak tido betul ni.. Mata zombie aje.. hehehe…

  5. bro,
    ur life intresting la..
    ur job as pilot dh ckp intresting, then ur free time u suke test ur R n do some photography..

    p/s: 1st itme comment dlm ur blog, b4 ni im ur silent reader. HAHAHA

  6. Nas: Hey bro.. Well.. I would say the way I manage my time is interesting. I dont know how I could squeeze all those activities. Kelam kabut. Hehehe..

    Anyway, thanks for penning down a few words here.. Look forward to hearing more from you.

    Thanks 🙂

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