Flamin’ Hot…

Heyloooo people..


Let’s pretend like we’re in a concert and the Super Star on stage is asking the audience okay..

Since it’s my story.. So I’ll be the Super Star and you all can be the audience lah.. hehehe..


Ari Handsome: How’s everybody feeling? 

Readers: Feeling HOT !!!

Ari Handsome: Feeling WHAT??!!!

Readers: Feeling FLAMIN’ HOT!!!

Ari Handsome: YEAH!!!!


*at this moment.. you all clap clap your hand and do standing ovation laa..


Okay.. so now you may ask me.. why so hot laa right? And here’s the story why…


Recently, I was in Jakarta. For work incase you’re asking.. And while I was there, the weather was really Hot and I met a beautiful young girl by the name of Flame. 

So.. that’s where I got the title.. Flaming Hot.

Smart eh? I think I’m really cool lah for being so smart to think of such a cool title 🙂 LoL!


Ok..ok.. enough with the compliments.. I’m flattered already..


Now, let me introduce Flame to you.. Well.. her name is Flame. 

She’s young and she happens to be a model. 


Flame 5


When I was there, I took some pictures of her when she and her brother Jesse took me to Taman Mini. Taman Mini is like a mini Indonesia. Very nice. But the only problem was, the park was mostly closed. So, we didnt get to see that much though. 


Indo Flag



Ok.. let me continue my introduction of Flame..

She’s actually Portuguese-Dutch-Indian-Indonesian (Quite a handful eh? hehehe..) 

Currently, she’s teaching English in Jakarta and taking a break from modeling coz she’s 4 months pregnant. Even when pregnant, she could take some time off to show me around. That’s very nice of her and her brother.

We also went for some original Nasi Padang there. Excellent. Nothing like what we have here in KL.


Anyway, before I went back to my hotel, they brought me to some local DVD shop there. Bought a few souvenirs  to bring back home lah 😉 hehehe..

That’s when I took the picture of Flame which you saw at the top just now..

So.. before I end my story about my Jakarta trip, here’s a few more of Flame and her brother Jesse. 


Flame 2

Jesse 1


*ok.. now you can do your round of applause like when the Super Star finish their performance on stage…




Thank You…  😉 


Flame 4


20 Responses to “Flamin’ Hot…”

  1. memang santeks sangat..
    ditambah plak dengan skill tuan penangkap gambar kan..
    i like..

  2. Hehehe.. Thanks Fieza 🙂

    The way you say it makes me feel macam really terrer laa..

  3. wow. good stuff! never knew i looked so hot! hahaaaaaa

  4. ahahahaha… giler tak terrer..
    tak terrer kalu..
    tak la jadi santek cam tu..

  5. Jesse: Hey buddy.. Thanks for dropping by.. At least now you know how HOT you really are.. hehehe..
    Cheers mate 🙂

    Fieza: Hahahaha… Nanti you boleh claim your nasi lemak dengan teh o ice limau gelas besar okay.. wakaakakaka…

  6. hahahaha.. saya mau teh o ais laici la.. fav tu.. ahahaha

  7. Oh yeah.. Sorry.. Lupe. It’s teh o ice laici gelas besar then for mama Fieza. hehehe..

  8. bro,
    what model dslr u recomend for beginner?
    the price not too high laa.
    just for my normal daily snap..

  9. bro,
    what dslr model u recomend for beginner?
    the price not too high laa.
    just for my normal daily snap..

  10. Nas: Bro.. I’m using the Nikon. I’d recommend either the Nikon or the Canon setup coz, in case you want to upgrade later, it’s easier to sell than most other brands.

    As for which model.. I’d strongly go for the D90 with the 18-200mm. Anything better than that is a bonus but with this set up, you can capture most things already.

    Good Luck buddy 🙂

  11. wow..
    is flame really2 pregnant?
    with who?

    i mean..who is her husband..

  12. Hey Guntur,

    Yeah bro.. She’s 4 months preggy when we met 😉

    As for who’s her other half.. that my friend, you have to ask her.

    Sorry buddy 🙂

  13. if d60 n 1000d?
    isit ok?
    the price ngam with my budget

  14. Hmmm.. how about if you look for some good 2nd hand D80 or D90 in some of our local photography forums? I wouldnt recommend the D60. As for the 1000D, i caqnt comment on it coz I dont really know lah..

  15. ok bro..
    tq for ur advise 🙂

  16. boss.. bila mau hupdate lagi???

  17. Hey Fieza.. gonna update soon in the next 2 days.. Now busy studying lah.. Got exams until Wednesday..

    Thanks for the reminder.. 🙂

  18. ahahaha.. sajer kepoci tanya.. i pun tak hupdate jugak.. bz amat.. exams?? simulator also ar?? gud luck okeh.. study.. jgn tak study…

  19. Saw the last pic on your Flickr.
    Just stumbled this blog of yours. 1st article i read… boobies! What more? haha.
    Love the pic (last 1 tu le).

  20. Hey Kijal, thanks for dropping by… I went to your flickr too. Nice 🙂

    Havent been taking much picture lately coz was a bit busy with things… Oh well.. gotta update soonish.. hope to see you around here again..

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