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Firstly, please keep an open mind when reading this post. If you’re under 18 or easily offended, you dont have to read any further ok.  I’m just ranting here 🙂


The other day, I was reading one article on “breasts”.. Wohoo.. Well.. It was actually about breast cancer lah kan but then it had some feedbacks from men as well.. What do they think about breasts.. And.. since I’m a very cool and handsome man.. I’d like to give my take as well 😉


Now.. I dont expect to see many comments on this as we’re all very conservative people. We dont normally talk openly about the human body kan.. unless when we’re in the company of our good friends.. hehehe… 


Ok.. so here we go.. after reading the first few paragraphs.. they were writing about bra size. Apparently, many women dont even know their correct bra size. Why is that? Is it so hard to go to the shop and measure your bust? 


bra 1



And then.. they were saying that.. some women, use their designer bras or the push up versions for sports. Hey.. even I know that when you do sports, you’ll need a sports bra. 




Now.. let’s go in a lil deeper shall we? Let me get this straight.. women think that guys go bonkers when it comes to boobies. Seriously, not all guys dig big boobs. Most of us like it to be real. Big or not so big. It’s the truth. I shall not go into the right or wrongs here as I’m not here to judge and this is solely my opinion. So.. from that article again, women actually dress up for men. Meaning, if they’re trying to impress or attract some attention,  they might wear some low cut blouse. Ok. That works. On the attention part. But then, when people keep staring at it.. please dont get upset. Especially when you talk to them… they might not make any eye contact as those eyes are actually focussed on something else.. hehehe.. 


And then.. on some internet forum, they were discussing about this particular actress. She actually had a boob job done when those guys were saying that she looked much much better before she went under the knife. This is a before picture.. 


body 1


So.. what I’m saying is.. sometimes, women make the wrong call to actually have their boobs bigger only to realize that in actual fact, men want it to be natural. 


Now.. lets discuss about photographing women.. Sensually. 

On many photography forum, we have many photographers trying to shoot scantily clad women. From my opinion, it’s very hard to shoot to make it look classy and not make the model look slutty. There’s plenty of light play but many guys fail to achieve this. Here’s a few examples that I think worked.



Picture 16


Now peeps.. I didnt shoot any of the pictures here. I’m attaching it as a sample. Credits to the photographers 🙂


Ok.. Now finally, this is how I would like to summarize my little story here.. Guys may like to look at boobies BUT it is NOT the reason for them to fall in love. To all the women who might be reading this.. be proud of your own body. Be your self. 


” Dont let them say you aint Beautiful… they can all get f**ked just stay TRUE to you”