Normally.. when guys chat.. it’s always a story of “mine is bigger than yours” kinda thing..

Everybody says that their more handsome lah.. better in bed lah.. got anaconda lah.. 3 hours lah.. etc…

But when pressed to show.. semua lari… Hahahahhaaa…

Anyway, I’m not like that. If i say “I’m hensem and 3 hours..” it’s true. :p

Okay.. so what’s this post about then.. Well.. recently, we had a teh tarik chat and we started chatting about whose car is faster. It’s a never ending story of “my car got this exhaust.. got this intake.. got this sticker (stickers are known to add horsepower..hehehe) and so on and so forth..

To settle it.. we decided to drag and settle the problem.

Nice kan the picture?

Eh.. wrong.. DAMN nice kan the picture???

Hehehe.. Seriously.. Jokes aside.. this was an impromptu decision and it was done very quickly. Because of my skills and terrerness, we managed to wrap up the session within 2hours..

Well.. here’s a few more of the model.. The lighting was only the street lights as it was raining and my sb800 (flash) decided to just sleep after it got wet 😦

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you all again next year.. Hahahahahahaha…


7 Responses to “Disputes???”

  1. i wanted to comment something. tapi malas. kensel lah. heh.

  2. Ok lah.. I accept your explanation :p

  3. finally. never thought i’d be so sick of the word “boobies”. :p

  4. PuTrA KaMRiN AzRaN Says:

    Uh.. Lama nya lah tak update this blog yea.. Like Imee say, ‘finally, after boobies’.. hEhE!
    Anyway that’s Arif’s car is it..?

  5. Imee & Putra: Hey.. I thought you guys should comment on the post not because lama tak update.. Haiyaaa.. Anyway putra, yes.. that’s Arif’s ride.
    But seriously.. how could anyone ever get tired of boobies? Can ke? Macam tak logic aje.. heheheh..

  6. ladybeattles71 Says:

    lama x hapdet eh bro..happy nu yer…!:-)

  7. Lady beattles: Sorry kak.. was busy with work.. Now I can update banyak lagi yee.. Happy New Yer to you too…

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