Spiderman counting chickens…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying..

“dont count your chickens until they hatch?”

Well.. before I begin.. I’d like to wish ya’ll a Happy New Year.. My New Year was pretty much happy.. because…

I’ve just gotten a promotion 😀

You see, yesterday, my friend called me up to tell me about the good news. I was shocked.. then the whole day, I was in a daze..

Why in a daze you say.. ok.. In my line of work.. when you get a promotion, it does not necessarily mean a pay rise. In my case, it was a pay cut. For a while that is..

But.. before I get the job.. I have to go through a series of tests and exams.. So again.. it doesnt mean I got it.. yet..

With this new post.. comes new responsibilities. Bigger responsibilities. Just like Spidey.

“With great POWER.. comes great RESPONSIBILITIES”

So.. that’s how I came up with the title Spiderman counting his chickens.. Hahahahaha…

Funny kan my jokes…??? Hahahahahah…

Ohh… I’m wiping my tears coz I was laughing so hard at my own jokes..

Anyway, thats it lah for today.. I dont have any photos to post up but cannot lah like that kan.. I have to post something up but I cant find anything to match my topic. So how? You peeps dont mind kan if I post unrelated pictures as long as it’s nice to my sexy eyes right?

This is a Ford Mustang.

With my new promotion.. I wont be able to see it in a long long time…

Bye Mustang.. it was nice riding ya…

Have a good year ahead people..


18 Responses to “Spiderman counting chickens…”

  1. i hope i’m the first to congratulate you here, Kapitan 😉

  2. Congrats mon kapitano!! About that mustang, mmm there is one I believe being parked at Bunut Susu railway station waiting for a brown jacket gay man to ride her home…haha!!!

  3. kena promote jd captain ker bro? hehe..

  4. ooooo… u fly to LA wit bro YH isit?
    that mustang…. HAHA..

  5. awww man, i was hoping u wrote more about our mustang ride! we took gazillions of pictures with that babeh. i nearly posted our pics and even videos on my blog dude.

    first and foremost, congrate (i know certain someone who hate that spelling).

    now i have a captain who is my buddy. now i have someone who wears 4 bar but i still can kick his butt when i meet him and slap on his shoulder and say “wey poyo, jangan la pakai sunglass dalam terminal building”.

    but then again, now i have no more chance to get a free ride on a mustang haha. also, now there’s no more hopping we’d burn the sky together to europe or US or NZ. haha, macam la kite fly sukhoi sama2.

    wah panjang nya comment your friend who can match your kehenseman ni. cukup lah, takut your gorgeous female followers find out my blog and stop chasing u plak. hahahaha.

    cheers bro, and once again, congratulations on your promotion!

  6. Congrats Kapitan…

    ok la at least 737 got its newer version the 800 series…


    p/s: hope to see u in one of my domestic flight…

  7. Ajah: Thanks Aza.. It’s gonna be interesting to see how I survive the first few months..

    Pops: Thanks pops.. Well, firstly, the jacket we’re talking about is NOT brown.. Meaning.. it’s not gay.. It’s just being metro.. Getting in touch with your feminine side.. (i cant believe I’m writing this).. but pops.. I’m gonna pen down some issues about being metro soonish.. Then.. you can write your views there okay.. 🙂

    Nas: As for the promotion.. Something like that lahh… And as for the Lax flight, No. I didnt fly with YH but I met him there in Lax. So, we went cruising around in the Mustang lah.. Giler poyo.. hahahaha

  8. YH: Hey.. setakat post in my blog and not calling to “congrate” me.. tak kira okay.. I expect 21 gun salute (eh.. itu untuk orang mati or for everything pun boleh kan??) from you.. or the equivalent lah..

    Boleh ke you match my kehenseman ni??? It takes more than just good looks but you need a charming yet (approachable) personality you know.. The traits of an officer and a gentleman.. hahahahahaha Serious poyo..

    Dah.. I dont want to reply you panjang2 until you call me..

    SNOOP: Hey bro.. Thanks a lot. I never expected you to be here. Lagi lah to comment kann… Well yeah.. I hope to see you when I’m working soon. So.. biler nak “praaa” ni? Lepas ni dah takleh nak jumpe selalu.. Hehehehe…

  9. Ari’s Pops : hahahaha uncle actually mentioned Bunut Susu and Gay man in brown leather jacket (uncle do you know that it cost him almost 3K just for that jacket? – i saw the price in Tag’s website, he didn’t tell me of course)

    Ewyn : is that someone me??? Congrate. Haha. Bengong mu nih. ARI WEARS SHADES IN TERMINAL BUILDING? Homaigawd Ari stop being friends with me! I don’t know poyo people k!

  10. Ajah: Tak yah laa nak report… Haiyooo…

    Oh.. YH and IB, fyi.. I DONT wear my sunnies in the terminal.. wear it on my head ade lah kot once in a while.. YH, entah2, you’re the one yang pakai shades dalam terminal kannn..

  11. hahahahaha… saje nak sabotaj u. i’m sure your pops don’t mind. he knows how vain his son is. you sure ker you tak pakai shades in terminal ni? I already deleted your number in my phone. haha.

  12. *your pops doesn’t mind

  13. u seem to get tired easily nowadays… izzit becoz of the age???

    miahahahahahahahahaha… how to praaannggg??? u always tired at nite…


  14. Ajah: Dah delete my number ??? Ni yang nak kena write another post ni.. About being poyo or metro or gay or… whatever you choose lah kan… HAhahahaha…

    Snoop: Hey bro.. I just got back lah semalam.. Was running around the whole day. Didnt get enough sleep (not old.. but WISE).. But today.. tonight.. you have no excuse. So.. make sure you show up. Miahahahahahaha….

  15. Bro, tonite I cant make it la bro…

    got some perkara2 berbangkit…


    so sorry…

  16. Snoopy: Age catching up eh??? 😀

  17. kapitan ari! kongratulasi! one day i shall sit in ur plane hahaha 😀

  18. Hey Bryan… thanks buddy :p

    Sure bro.. When the time comes, make sure you let me know..


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