The “journey” of LOVE…

Most people have seen many different parts of the world. Have travelled the 5 continents but the one journey that would never fade in their memories.. is the journey where they find love.

Sometimes in our quest to find the “one”.. we make wrong choices..

It hurts..

But when we find the special person..

It lights up our lives even at the darkest hour…

When together.. the winding journey becomes smoother.

This travelogue is dedicated to those in love.. searching for love.. or those fallen out of love…



18 Responses to “The “journey” of LOVE…”

  1. Hey why so sentimental these days? Sentimental nak tinggal wide body ker? Hehehe.

    Eh, can walk on that thing ker? Bukan weekends jer ker dia kasi orang lalu? I jog kat situ tak nampak pon people walk on that. That’s KLCC Park kannn…. ker i salah tengok nih.

    Nice pics, btw 🙂

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  3. Yo Bro, long time la not seeing you. Kind of missing you already. Hahaha. Nice picture! I hope to find my true love. Just like in the picture. 😀

  4. mr loveyy doveyyy nihh nape ekkk…but anyway..yesss this entry is soo sweet..ahaksss
    i guess the most latter applies to me ;], but again in the quest of finding new one..just like what micheal buble in his latest, i just haven’t met u YET!

  5. Ajah: Yeah.. the last picture was shot around KLCC. Can walk but must take off your shoes lah.

    Syafik: Miss me???? Dont laa say like that.. Shy lah wei… Hahahaha..
    As for love.. dont give up. It’ll come. Sometimes you aje yang tak nampak. Hehehehe…

    Shud: Lovey dovey kee?? Haish.. ni dah tak macho ni.. Ok. Lepas ni will be a more “manly” stories yee… Hehehe..
    The most latter as in “fallen out of love”? Seriously, I know it’s hard but actually, that’s one of the best parts of being in love kan.. Falling in and out of love..
    Just like this song “Busses and trains” by Bachelor Girl. Have a listen.

  6. Okay guys.. let me explain, actually, this post is for a photoblog competition here:

    The theme is: Travelogue.

    Hence my title.. journey of love..

    Awww… now that you’ve mentioned it.. it does sound a bit “softie” right? Damn. Need to hit the gym and be more macho lah…

  7. hahahaahaah ROTFLOL. what’s your weight now? 60?

  8. i really love the wordings la ari! 🙂 it makes the photos look nicer and more meaningful! hehe love it.

  9. Ajah: Very funny.. 😀

    Aira: Thanks Aira.. I just hope the judges feel the same way as you too 🙂
    Wish I could pen down some of those fancy quotes you always write to Ariff. But this to me pun dah kira superb already.. hehehehe..

  10. your words are good too ari! 🙂 look who’s talking!

  11. Hmmm… Now I’m very semangat to write all these “mushy mushy” stuff. Then nanti, all my friends will kutuk me again.. Haiyoo..

    Anyways, thanks for the words of encouragement 😀

  12. Arizal…

    Walauweh… So the mushy!!!! A side of you we hardly see…

    How come ah? Hilang la macho…

  13. Sometimes.. people change cuz 😛 Hahahahaa…

    Nah.. this is for a photoblog competition. I guess subconsciously, I’m just a very sweet and hensem guy. Wohooo….!!!!

  14. Oh… for photoblog…. but still… its good to know that you’re very in touch with your feminine side… and this is from reading your previous post as well ok… not just this one…

    Will you be going to Atah’s on Sunday? If you are I’ll bring the series and also remind your Dad to bring his hard disc drive..

    Hope to see you then!

  15. In touch with my feminine side??? That sounds so wrong lah.. The previous post was a reply to a friend’s question.. Hahahahaha…

    Anyway, I might come to Atah’s house but dunno what time. Maybe later in the evening. Will bring my HDD. Yahooo…

  16. 1st time drop by, nice photo….

  17. DsvT: Hey bud.. thanks for dropping by.. Hope to see you around here more then 🙂

  18. iman qistina Says:

    talking ’bout love, i was so regret for letting him go…..rase nak nangis plak….

    each time when i listen to the song by rossa (aku bukan untukmu), it really reminds me of him…..memang suit laa the song wit my story

    he gave me hints, lots of hint. time tu still studying, tapi i dunno y i denied him….but may b becoz, he’s my bestfren kot…

    1 day, he made up a call to me, when i still tanam anggur, and he’s an engineer in 1 of the prestigious oil n gas company,we were talking like hours jugak la….and as usual, i yg borak banyak, he juz listened to my voice jek….lepas dat day, there was no sms, no call to me from him…..wonder y…tup-tup, 2 mths after that, i found out dia dah kawen…..

    it happened that the last call made up by him, was definitely a frenship breaker call…..the sad thing was when 1 of our bestfriends told me of what he had complimented on my look etc etc…..warghhhhh…..that time, it was too late for me to realize dat I love him actually…..may b not my jodoh 😦

    and 3 mths ago, when i was driving with folks, i saw him also driving on the next lane…..sedih balik…teringat balik of what he had done to me….all the sweet things….all the flirts….all the memories during our study…sob sob sob!!

    it looks like I’m writing an essay je ni, sabar je la….hehe….tp if I could turn back the time, I would definitely say I LOVE U TOO, replying his sms dat nite and definitely duk keje jamming je kot on weekend!!haha….tapi itu lah, i tot he was joking!!! Warghhh……

    anyway, life must go on….hope he’s happy wit his wife…and for gals who read this, be aware wit ur feeling…..dont be like kakak ni….hehe….tapi if u still miss the guy, don’t ever regret sangat….nanti it will affect ur life badly pulak kan?

    Sorry capt for babbling on ur blog ni…:) terlebih emotional this evening!!! And if its happened dat we met 1 day, and u know who is the buddy of ours tu, u jangan tell him dis story, okay!!! secret!!or else i kena slaughter with lots of questions!!penat nk jwb 🙂

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