Wake up call…

Two things happened last night.



so what’s it going to take, for you to REALIZE, it all.. could go away in a blink of an eye. It happens all the time.



Sometimes we forget.


Lack of contentment?



the first thing I’d do.. is thank the stars above.. tell the ones I love… I do..



Dont leave it until it’s too late.

Let this be a wake up call for me and those who care enough to appreciate what HE has given us.


7 Responses to “Wake up call…”

  1. sometimes we take things for granted…only realize when Allah has taken it away from us…

    be it a fren, family members, money, health, time..everythinggg

    i’m sure everyone wud may have lil spot of regret in their heart after ‘those’ dissapeared ..but i do believe that Allah is not mean..like u said it should be like a wake up call…jgn hanya tersedar bile benda dahh hilang..

    Its a test for his Khaliff, whether they wud stand up tall n b strong in order to face His test …or mayb sink deep n do nothing

  2. People (okay, me included) take each other for granted ALL the time. We always realise things when it’s already too late.

    I hate the what IFs in life. I try to express my feelings when I can. But sometimes it just stucks in your throat and you couldn’t say it.

    But as they say, actions speak louder than words. So I hope my actions count to them.

  3. Shud: Agreed. We dont have to wait for things to happen to us before realizing that it’s too late.

    This wake up call is just a gentle reminder from HIM to all of us. Dont take things for granted.

    IB: What happened? It’s a bit tedious to explain here. But the point is, in life, sometimes we forget. We think the world is in our hands and that we have everything under control. And when it’s gone, baru nak menggelabah. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

  4. Allhamdulillah…

  5. Pops… you once told me, wise men learn from other peoples mistakes.. I’m trying to be wise here… please let me be wise…


  6. You are..spidey!!

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