Inspirational thoughts that could conquer the WORLD..

Let’s see…

Recently, i’ve been staring reading books and manuals for work. It’s quite.. err.. how should i say it.. err… i’ll just say it’s okay lah. Work is work right? It’s NOT supposed to be earth shattering kan… Anyway, my fingers are itchy for the shutter button now. But.. what should I shoot?


My friend told me that you could get inspirations from books and magazines like playboy, penthouse, FHM, Vogue and all… The articles and images are quite inspirational 😀

Since i’m eager to shoot, so, we’ll just discuss the images lah.

The light control is awesome. The poses are.. err.. awesome too 🙂

Now… after reviewing those images, I’m thinking of doing a shoot.

Camera: Checked

Lights: Checked

Backdrop: Checked

Model: NOT checked

Theme: Checked

Review again.

What’s missing? Oh yaa.. Models…

How? Any volunteers?

What??? All of you want to be my models???


WHAT?? Just kidding????

Hey… dont play play okay… NOT funny.

Okay lah, here’s the story… I’m actually doing a shoot soon but i need something out of this world. Can any of you suggest any themes for me?

Here’s some images from my previous shoots that I’ve done and I need something different. Have a look…





So peeps, any suggestions?

Well, if you do, just pen down your thoughts here and the winner will get a “teh o ice limau” & Nasi Ayam okay?

Sounds interesting right?

Now get your thoughts spinning and let me know… You wouldnt want to waste those juicy chicken rice and ice lemon tea right…

p/s: why do i feel like the prize offered here wont attract much participation ah? Having makan with me is already considered GRAND… oh well.. that could be the main prize then.. the makan with me… HAHAHAHHAHAA…


13 Responses to “Inspirational thoughts that could conquer the WORLD..”

  1. just a GWC Says:

    how about showing a very seductive bitch from 1500 in Malacca try to seduce a Portugal official stuff like that because i see u work well with the model

  2. Hey… that’s quite an idea. But, where do i find those costumes from the 1500?

    But I think you’ve tickled my imagination that I might consider something along that line 🙂

  3. just a GWC Says:

    maybe songket, batik and some jewelery from bridal shop will do

  4. saya tak de idea.. tapi saya tetap nak menyibuk.. tetap nak bagitau saya dah baca entry ni.. 😛 kalo cam ni boleh dapat nasik ayam n teh o ais limau tak?? eh tukar.. teh o ais laici pls.. ~ngeee~

  5. GWC: Thanks for the idea. Maybe I’ll give it a try… Btw, are you a photog too? Maybe we could collaborate on this 😛

    Fieza: Ala… bagi aje lah idea. If not how to win kannnn… Nasi Ayam tu.. Teh o ice lychee lagi.. Hahahahaha…

  6. just a GWC Says:

    well sir, I’m just a Guy With Camera, thank you very much for the invitation, i really appreciate it, but,i only had the ideas but to execute it, i don’t have the knowledge and the right line up of gears ( i had only 28-80, no flash or any others and we use different camera make), if I tag along with you I’m just gonna waste your time and wear off your patience.I will wait till you post the pictures here.and 1 more thing sir, when will you start flying in the left seat?

  7. Ahh… GWC (guy with camera), now that’s what it means 😛

    Firstly, it doesnt really matter if we use different camera or less gears. We’re here to create images and hopefully, it turns out well enough for people to actually take 2 seconds to actually “look” at it. I’ve went for shoots with just a PnS and if it takes a certain amount of time to shoot, I’ll do it. Patience comes with shooting portraits. Some like it slow, some like it “Wham, Bam, Thank You Mam”… So it doesnt matter. Offer still stands and we might learn from each other lah…

    As for your last Q, it should be soon. Hopefully, within this few months. Keeping my fingers crossed 😀

  8. just a GWC Says:

    Thanks for your offer sir, but i guess i’m gonna pass.maybe if one day i can join your company i can take your portraits.If you stay in your next fleet long enough.Keeping my finger crossed as well

  9. Dude, just call me Ari okay…
    Anyway, do show me some of your work lah…

  10. just a GWC Says:

    sad but true, i don’t have any decent pic to show
    i will show you when i feel the pic good enough to upload it

  11. elo ari…
    ermm something out of this world.????

    ..mayb trying to catch those lighting pictures..tapi mayb letih skit kott nak tunggu lighting kuar..hahhah

    .or mayb a ‘catasthrope’ , more or less like after the catasthrope???!! it can b nature catasthrope or human like war..nihh nak kene plak g afganistan kanggg ;]…ngeeeehh

    n like a beast war…matador in spain…bull riding…animals n their prey…

    tahlaaa tu some of the ideas i have in mind at the moment…nnnati-nanti mayb i bole brainstorming lagik

    gud luck bro…

  12. Shud: Lightning images? Well, I saw one from an indo photog that I really like and he won 1st prize in a photography competition. If I can find the link, will post it here. The judges said he was crazy. It was an electrical storm and everyone was running for cover, he went and panjat bumbung tu snap pictures. Gile but the outcome was awesome.

    Catastrophe? A disaster? well shud, that’s photojournalism. I’m not cut out for that. I prefer staged scenarios with HOT babes.. HAHAHAHAHAh!!!!

  13. iman qistina Says:

    teh o ice limau & Nasi Ayam jek? mmm….not worth for an idea…ngeee…

    hey…y dont u shoot the teh o ice limau & Nasi Ayam themselves….sounds yummy…..hehe

    juz kidding…..:)

    ooo u like hot babes ek? juz borrow hot babies la from ur married frens….baru u tau langit tinggi cerahnya how to tackle their songeh!!! 😛

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