Going green with 4 models and 1 light…

Recently, I had a shoot with 4 nigerian models. I’ve never shot a nigerian before so it was something new to me.

When they came to my studio, it really was like having Beyonce there. Hot bods, nice abs and nice booty too 🙂

the 4 super models

As soon as I started taking the light reading, 1 light decided to die on me. Let me explain, I used to have 3 lights. 1 already went for servicing and now 1 decided to just go to sleep. I’m left with 1 light and 4 models to shoot. Luckily that 1 light could sustain the shoot.

The idea for me apart from the beauty shots was that I wanted to shoot something with a message. Something smart. Something that could make the viewer think. And being me, of course I came up with it 🙂

Here’s the concept of what I had in mind.. In view of all this going green and save the earth.. I came up with this..

“It doesnt have to be like this”

See? Could you see the message here? If we dont take care of our environment, this is how our kids would go fishing in the future. Smart eh? Not only that, I’m actually doing my part here in making others realize that “we could and should save the earth”.

Okay. Now, enough with saving the world. Let’s talk about the beauty shots. Hehehe.. My fave part 🙂

You see, 1 of the models look like Naomi Campbell. And I wanted to portray her that way (minus the handphone throwing and all). Here she is… Let me present to you..


Nice eh… Well.. that’s the problem. I have plenty of nice shots of her and I’m having a tough time to choose.

Next up is Precious. She was the one who contacted me for the shoot. Awesome body and she pulled off some really high fashion poses.

She really wanted something with torn jeans and this was what we came up with.

Preciously HOT

Awesome right? Well.. thank you for the compliments.

You know what, I’m so proud of myself. I managed to do what I like and also help the environment at the same time. It takes a genius like myself to come up with things like these. I hope you’ll recycle and bring your own bag to the supermarket after reading this and also use those expensive energy saving bulbs at home.

Thank you 😀


5 Responses to “Going green with 4 models and 1 light…”

  1. sharing my bits of caring the greens

    sgt menyayangi kertas..hahhahhah kalo bole those faxes paper yg they all buang in the opis n only keeping the original…i wud definetly keep it..only throwing the paper after using it both sides

    plastic too…i akan simpan seme plastik n skang known as ‘plastic hoarders’ ngehhhh

    tadah air ujan …n siram to pokok..jimat skit air kan

    basuh baju until full load satu bakul…jgn dok mengada skit skit nak basuh baju..hhahhahha kalo baju tu i baru pakai kejap, angin kan ajaa..hahhhahah

    doing my bits for the environment..enuff of my ramblings ;], sooryy ari

  2. See? That’s good. If everyone here is like you, we’ll have a better place for our future generation.

    Owh, and jangan lupe bawak your own bag when shopping and use those energy saving bulbs ya.. hehehehe…

  3. Ari, i would love to see more pics of your type-R..:D, by the way, what camera are you using ?

  4. ari7474 Says:

    Hey Kieth,

    Sure thing dude. Will post some stories about the R soonish ya..

    As for my cam, I’m using the Nikon system. 1 FX and 1 DX 😀

  5. iman qistina Says:

    the shooting itself themed up by ur concept of going green

    y? becoz u used only 1 light instead of 4…. 🙂

    u saved the energy, reducing the demand of power generation, controlling the usage of fuel and yet u still got these chicks embedded on ur blog wonderfully!!!! 😛

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