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Who is SALT?

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Hello again peeps…

I’m sure you’ve heard of this new Angie (Angelina Jolie) movie but the title prompted me to write something about it…

A long time ago.. I read this story in the papers.. (nothing to do with the movie above lah..)

It was a story of a guy, who saw this girl and he fell in love with her instantly. After overcoming his shyness, he managed to ask her out for a date. On the big day, he ordered coffee and salt. The girl was surprised.. “Salt with coffee?” And he just said, “I prefer it that way..”

Eventually, they got married and she prepared his coffee everyday like how he liked it the first time they met.

One day, the man passed away after many years being married to the woman he loved and she found a note written for her by the bedside table..

It said, ” I was so nervous on our first date that I ordered coffee with salt. Not wanting to look like an idiot, I told you i liked it that way. But because I loved you so much and you remembered that day so well, eventually, I began to like drinking coffee with salt as how you prepared it for me everyday.. ”

She cried knowing how much he loved her…

Another story pulak… A few years ago, I met this girl who called her boyfriend “salt”. I was like… “What??” Why would you call him that???

I’ve heard of booboo.. munchkin.. honeybuns.. and all but salt???

Well, she said coz he called her “sweets”… and she returned the favor by calling him “salt”..

Ahhh… now that made some sense..

Anyway, I’m not sure how this movie SALT is going to turn out ┬ábut with Angie in it, im sure it’s gonna be HOT and SALTY.. Hahahahahaha…

As for the stories above, it shows that with plenty of love, you can look through all other imperfections. Most people nowadays, when things dont go their way, it’s so easy to call it quits. Lets learn from the examples above that nobody is perfect but rather to focus on the qualities that make that person perfect for you.

Make love, NOT war…