Ari at work…

Hey there peeps… How’s everybody doing.? Good I presume.. Well, since my last post, I’ve been doing many things. Mainly flying and selling my precious ride. Oh, and also taking pictures too 😉 How could I forget that.. And, recently, I’ve met a few friends who asked me a few things about what I do during flights. Apart from the usual Take-off and Landings, I do sleep on board. That is during long haul flights more than 10 hours, we get 2 sets of technical crew. When 1 set is flying, the other set is resting. Here, I’ll show you where we sleep during our rest period.














You see, the model there is Flight Stewardess Sarina. She was kind enough to show you guys our bunk. Its called the Technical Crew Bunk. I usually sleep on top and my Capt sleep at the lower bunk. We normally sleep half way. That means, if the flight time is 12 hours, each set gets 6 hours of rest. Oh, and after shooting Sarina at our bunk, I asked if I could get a picture of her at her crew seat. Here it is..














She’s a very dedicated cabin crew. Apart from handling the needs and wants of the passengers, she also catered our meals and drinks nicely. She makes great coffee 😉 Then, while I was taking pictures of her, my Capt asked me, ” Ey Ari, you always take peoples photo, don’t you want any of yourself?” Since he offered, I said “Can also ;)” So, here it is.. Me in the cockpit holding the thrust levers.. Poyor ke? But lighting was nice and it does make me look a little fairer than usual.. hahaha…











Hah.. Can cari makan tak? Damn.. I do look good.. (go ahead.. puke if u want.. but I truly believe that if you really psyche yourself that you look good, sooner or later, other people also would agree… hahahahahaha…)


Anyways, enough about my chiseled  looks, lets get back to business.. I’m only around KL for 2 days. After this, I’ll be heading to work again. This time, I’ll be taking my Nikon for this trip as I want to go out taking pictures of the winter weather. I’ll also be taking my ex GF and my 2 angels with me this time. It’s gonna be their first time following me for flight and I’m actually very excited. Wohoo.. It’s gonna be christmas when we get there.. This picture below is where we’re heading..











It’s gonna be cold for the girls and I hope they can tahan a bit laa… weather forecast says -5 to 0 deg Celsius. Oh well.. I guess, if it’s too cold, then we would be staying indoors laa .. Anyway peeps, it’s getting kind late.. I have to sleep. Havent been sleeping much since I got home. Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. Nitey Nite..


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