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Flying Cars? Almost….

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Hey peeps…

Whoah.. It’s been very hectic lately. With work and all. Busy like hell lah.. Hehehhe…

Anyway, even though I was busy, I did manage to squeeze in a story I did about flying. It’s very interesting. Very entertaining. In other words, very nice lah.

Here it is:  The A-Z on how to be a pilot

Do have a read if you’re bored.

Ahhh… now comes the best part. About them flying cars. Not literally flying lah, but if there were wings on my ride, it should get airborne.

A few weeks ago, there was a private track day. I was lucky enough to enter as someone pulled out last minute. It was a few days after the F1 race so, the rubbers on the track really helped. Will share some images and a video made by my friend.

Here’s some pics pulak…

The Stig in Sepang???

Damn Sexy R

Blasting down SIC

Well peeps, if ever you need to vent your frustration by driving like a mad man, this is the place to do it. Racing on the road is dangerous. Do it legally on track. This is a community message by ari7474.

Thanks for reading.. and oh.. Happy Labour Day! 😀 😀 😀


Private interview with Michael Schumacher…

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After the Sepang Formula 1 Grand Prix, I had a chance to interview Michael “Ari” Schumacher…

He was clearly upset for not finishing the race.

Anyway, here’s how the interview went…

(Schumi seems a bit tanned here coz he was sunbathing in Terengganu)

7474: So Schumi, any comments to your fans about the race today?

MS: Ahh.. well.. First of all, I’d like to say sorry for not finishing the race today.

7474: WHAT??? Sorry aje? Can you please explain… We paid good money to see the race today and all you can say is “sorry”??? Dont make me give you a backhand???

MS: Ok..ok… I’ll explain.. Actually, one of my wheel nut went missing. Entah jatuh kat mana..

7474: Why you tak ask the mechanic to check properly before you left the pit tadi?

MS: Dah… Dah ask Ah Tee to check. He said to me gerenti tarak cabut punye..

7474: Hmmpphh.. Next time, plis ah.. dont make me angry again. Next race in Shanghai, I expect you to show some good results.

MS: Yelah.. Dont worry, the hero always wins last minute. Anyway, I’m expecting some new performance parts before the race goes to Europe in Barcelona. So, from then onwards, barulah I tekan minyak kaw-kaw..

So peeps, that’s how the interview went. After this, he sure get many points. Hehehehe…

What? You dont belive my story ???

Okay lah.. I’ll tell you the truth.. Part of the story was fabricated. Just to sedapkan cerita.

I’m actually a bit upset lah. I expect him to be at least better than Rosberg. But now, after 3 races, Rosberg seems to out qualify Schumi every time. The good thing is that we know that they’ll be getting some new parts before Barcelona. Hopefully then, we’ll see some improvements.

Here’s the picture of the “REAL” Schumacher doing a street demo in the streets of KL. Awesome stuff.

Nice kan the pictures?? Hehehe…

Well, today, the guys from 240’s decided to watch the race on TV. So, we all went to a bar in KL to watch the race. It was quite exciting. No traffic jam. Got aircond. Got nice food. Got sofa to relax. Nicee!

The 240’s Rs…

So peeps.. that’s it lah. That’s the fantasy interview I did with Michael Schumacher. Hehehe.. Sorry ya.

Good Nite 😛

Wake up call…

Posted in Cars, Family, Friends, Photography with tags on February 24, 2010 by ari7474

Two things happened last night.



so what’s it going to take, for you to REALIZE, it all.. could go away in a blink of an eye. It happens all the time.



Sometimes we forget.


Lack of contentment?



the first thing I’d do.. is thank the stars above.. tell the ones I love… I do..



Dont leave it until it’s too late.

Let this be a wake up call for me and those who care enough to appreciate what HE has given us.

Here’s some Macho and Manly stuff :)

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Hey peeps…

It’s been tough lately. For me that is.. I’ve been doing some really hard work. Like… studying :p

I’d love to kiss and tell all the things I’ve been studying but being me.. I’m not going to bore you with all those. Instead, I’m going to story you, a very interesting story. No wait.. I’ve got more than 1 story to tell so.. I’m gonna story stories for you. Hehehehe… I’m not sure if that’s grammatically correct but hey.. it’s my blog and it’s not like I’m writing for the newspaper or something kannn…

Recently, me and a few like minded buddies, decided to form a group.

It’s called….


the Two Forties.

Cool kan the name. Well, basically it means, we’re a bunch of gear heads that loves “tracking” and we’re all in the 2 mins 40sec ish range.

Or, we aspire to be in that range. Like for me, my personal goal is to break the 2 min 40 sec barrier. Without using slicks. So.. with 200++ ponies, it’s quite a challenge.

To show how cool we are, we even have a group in Facebook. Haaaa… Terrer kan?

As of now, we have many members. In the region of 8-16 cars. Massive right?? Hehehehehee…

Here’s the group of people that changed the idea into a reality. Very handsome and macho and terrer people.

Will be uploading more stories on our future projects but to date, we’re having a go-kart challenge this Sunday. It’s going to be awesome 🙂

Soon, we’ll be all over the newspapers, magazines, tabloids and the likes and with fame, I dont think we can lead a normal life going out without having to disguise ourselves.


Anyway, it wasnt all just cars for me. Being a multi talented guy with good looks, I also went around town with my camera.

Here’s what I shot that made it into my “fave” folder this month…

Onitsuka Tiger & Tigress.

Nice kan? These 2 lovebirds cant get their hands off each other. So lovey dovey.

After that, I went for another shoot. This time, it was with Leobabelicious.

The idea for me when I did this shoot was to not make it into another “Nose Bleed” picture. Some photographers might understand what I mean but either way, have a look at the next picture and if you like, you can leave a word or two on what you think of it okay?

Leobabe’s Peepshow

So tell me.. is the picture nice or SUPER nice?


Well, that’s all for today peeps… it’ll be awhile before I write again as I can predict, I’ll be busy for the next few weeks (or months) so.. until then, thanks for dropping by.

Cheers 😀

Spiderman counting chickens…

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying..

“dont count your chickens until they hatch?”

Well.. before I begin.. I’d like to wish ya’ll a Happy New Year.. My New Year was pretty much happy.. because…

I’ve just gotten a promotion 😀

You see, yesterday, my friend called me up to tell me about the good news. I was shocked.. then the whole day, I was in a daze..

Why in a daze you say.. ok.. In my line of work.. when you get a promotion, it does not necessarily mean a pay rise. In my case, it was a pay cut. For a while that is..

But.. before I get the job.. I have to go through a series of tests and exams.. So again.. it doesnt mean I got it.. yet..

With this new post.. comes new responsibilities. Bigger responsibilities. Just like Spidey.

“With great POWER.. comes great RESPONSIBILITIES”

So.. that’s how I came up with the title Spiderman counting his chickens.. Hahahahaha…

Funny kan my jokes…??? Hahahahahah…

Ohh… I’m wiping my tears coz I was laughing so hard at my own jokes..

Anyway, thats it lah for today.. I dont have any photos to post up but cannot lah like that kan.. I have to post something up but I cant find anything to match my topic. So how? You peeps dont mind kan if I post unrelated pictures as long as it’s nice to my sexy eyes right?

This is a Ford Mustang.

With my new promotion.. I wont be able to see it in a long long time…

Bye Mustang.. it was nice riding ya…

Have a good year ahead people..


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Normally.. when guys chat.. it’s always a story of “mine is bigger than yours” kinda thing..

Everybody says that their more handsome lah.. better in bed lah.. got anaconda lah.. 3 hours lah.. etc…

But when pressed to show.. semua lari… Hahahahhaaa…

Anyway, I’m not like that. If i say “I’m hensem and 3 hours..” it’s true. :p

Okay.. so what’s this post about then.. Well.. recently, we had a teh tarik chat and we started chatting about whose car is faster. It’s a never ending story of “my car got this exhaust.. got this intake.. got this sticker (stickers are known to add horsepower..hehehe) and so on and so forth..

To settle it.. we decided to drag and settle the problem.

Nice kan the picture?

Eh.. wrong.. DAMN nice kan the picture???

Hehehe.. Seriously.. Jokes aside.. this was an impromptu decision and it was done very quickly. Because of my skills and terrerness, we managed to wrap up the session within 2hours..

Well.. here’s a few more of the model.. The lighting was only the street lights as it was raining and my sb800 (flash) decided to just sleep after it got wet 😦

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you all again next year.. Hahahahahahaha…

Roller Coaster month :)

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Let me tell you that since my last post, there has been plenty of happenings in my life. 

Some ups and downs that really shook me a bit but it has stabilized a little now. Things have settled in and I can story a bit laa what happen. I’ll tell you about the “ups” okay..


“Say again??” What.. you want me to tell you what happen now..?

You’re so excited that you cant wait another minute to hear my story???


Oh well.. if you insist.. who am I to resist right.. hehehe…


Last week.. jeng..jeng..




suspense is building up eh..


cold sweat is trickling down your neck..






The surprise is… my WEBSITE is up and alive at



Cool kan..kan???

I’ve got an idea.. why dont ya’ll go and check it out and tell me what you think.

What? You dont have time to do so?

Eh.. Come on laa.. It’s really nice.. Got nice pictures and all.. Very pretty. hehehe..



And then.. guess what again?

I went to the Sepang track with all the other Type-Rs. It was a really good outing with those guys but the main thing that made my day was.. I broke my own personal best time. Just like Usain Bolt. I broke my own personal world record. Previously, it was 2min 47sec but this time, I did 2min 44sec. That’s shocking news kan.. I shaved off 3 seconds. And I was wearing jeans some more. Imagine if I was using shorts and didnt eat breakfast and go poo poo before the session, I could cut down a few  more seconds kan. Sure become very terrer and then Ferrari would call me up to replace Massa and all.. Haish.. 


Stig & 7474


Hehehee… Enough stories about me now.. I m not so conceited laaa… Not as much as you think. heh. 

Just a few days ago, I was at a friends studio. His name is Azman and he just did his “studio mudio” launch. Very nicely done. Am very proud of him. Here’s some pics I took during the launch.





Ok lah peeps.. I have more stories but i’ll leave it for my next post aite.. 

and … just before i end this, I’d like to share a picture i took recently. I kinda like the mood here.. nite peeps.. thanks for your time reading this..