Here’s some Macho and Manly stuff :)

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Hey peeps…

It’s been tough lately. For me that is.. I’ve been doing some really hard work. Like… studying :p

I’d love to kiss and tell all the things I’ve been studying but being me.. I’m not going to bore you with all those. Instead, I’m going to story you, a very interesting story. No wait.. I’ve got more than 1 story to tell so.. I’m gonna story stories for you. Hehehehe… I’m not sure if that’s grammatically correct but hey.. it’s my blog and it’s not like I’m writing for the newspaper or something kannn…

Recently, me and a few like minded buddies, decided to form a group.

It’s called….


the Two Forties.

Cool kan the name. Well, basically it means, we’re a bunch of gear heads that loves “tracking” and we’re all in the 2 mins 40sec ish range.

Or, we aspire to be in that range. Like for me, my personal goal is to break the 2 min 40 sec barrier. Without using slicks. So.. with 200++ ponies, it’s quite a challenge.

To show how cool we are, we even have a group in Facebook. Haaaa… Terrer kan?

As of now, we have many members. In the region of 8-16 cars. Massive right?? Hehehehehee…

Here’s the group of people that changed the idea into a reality. Very handsome and macho and terrer people.

Will be uploading more stories on our future projects but to date, we’re having a go-kart challenge this Sunday. It’s going to be awesome 🙂

Soon, we’ll be all over the newspapers, magazines, tabloids and the likes and with fame, I dont think we can lead a normal life going out without having to disguise ourselves.


Anyway, it wasnt all just cars for me. Being a multi talented guy with good looks, I also went around town with my camera.

Here’s what I shot that made it into my “fave” folder this month…

Onitsuka Tiger & Tigress.

Nice kan? These 2 lovebirds cant get their hands off each other. So lovey dovey.

After that, I went for another shoot. This time, it was with Leobabelicious.

The idea for me when I did this shoot was to not make it into another “Nose Bleed” picture. Some photographers might understand what I mean but either way, have a look at the next picture and if you like, you can leave a word or two on what you think of it okay?

Leobabe’s Peepshow

So tell me.. is the picture nice or SUPER nice?


Well, that’s all for today peeps… it’ll be awhile before I write again as I can predict, I’ll be busy for the next few weeks (or months) so.. until then, thanks for dropping by.

Cheers 😀


The “journey” of LOVE…

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Most people have seen many different parts of the world. Have travelled the 5 continents but the one journey that would never fade in their memories.. is the journey where they find love.

Sometimes in our quest to find the “one”.. we make wrong choices..

It hurts..

But when we find the special person..

It lights up our lives even at the darkest hour…

When together.. the winding journey becomes smoother.

This travelogue is dedicated to those in love.. searching for love.. or those fallen out of love…


Love… Actually.. What is Love?

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I had a long chat with a friend in FB just now. He posted this question to me…

What is Love?

I gave him all sorts of funny (and annoying) answers but he kept pressing…

What is Love?

Then I knew.. he’s actually lost.. Confused… Just like so many others..

Can anyone here.. tell me.. what is “love”?

In your own words… through your own experience.. whatever…

As I think.. once you see love.. you’ll know love and will fight for it…

Spiderman counting chickens…

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying..

“dont count your chickens until they hatch?”

Well.. before I begin.. I’d like to wish ya’ll a Happy New Year.. My New Year was pretty much happy.. because…

I’ve just gotten a promotion 😀

You see, yesterday, my friend called me up to tell me about the good news. I was shocked.. then the whole day, I was in a daze..

Why in a daze you say.. ok.. In my line of work.. when you get a promotion, it does not necessarily mean a pay rise. In my case, it was a pay cut. For a while that is..

But.. before I get the job.. I have to go through a series of tests and exams.. So again.. it doesnt mean I got it.. yet..

With this new post.. comes new responsibilities. Bigger responsibilities. Just like Spidey.

“With great POWER.. comes great RESPONSIBILITIES”

So.. that’s how I came up with the title Spiderman counting his chickens.. Hahahahaha…

Funny kan my jokes…??? Hahahahahah…

Ohh… I’m wiping my tears coz I was laughing so hard at my own jokes..

Anyway, thats it lah for today.. I dont have any photos to post up but cannot lah like that kan.. I have to post something up but I cant find anything to match my topic. So how? You peeps dont mind kan if I post unrelated pictures as long as it’s nice to my sexy eyes right?

This is a Ford Mustang.

With my new promotion.. I wont be able to see it in a long long time…

Bye Mustang.. it was nice riding ya…

Have a good year ahead people..


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Normally.. when guys chat.. it’s always a story of “mine is bigger than yours” kinda thing..

Everybody says that their more handsome lah.. better in bed lah.. got anaconda lah.. 3 hours lah.. etc…

But when pressed to show.. semua lari… Hahahahhaaa…

Anyway, I’m not like that. If i say “I’m hensem and 3 hours..” it’s true. :p

Okay.. so what’s this post about then.. Well.. recently, we had a teh tarik chat and we started chatting about whose car is faster. It’s a never ending story of “my car got this exhaust.. got this intake.. got this sticker (stickers are known to add horsepower..hehehe) and so on and so forth..

To settle it.. we decided to drag and settle the problem.

Nice kan the picture?

Eh.. wrong.. DAMN nice kan the picture???

Hehehe.. Seriously.. Jokes aside.. this was an impromptu decision and it was done very quickly. Because of my skills and terrerness, we managed to wrap up the session within 2hours..

Well.. here’s a few more of the model.. The lighting was only the street lights as it was raining and my sb800 (flash) decided to just sleep after it got wet 😦

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you all again next year.. Hahahahahahaha…


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Firstly, please keep an open mind when reading this post. If you’re under 18 or easily offended, you dont have to read any further ok.  I’m just ranting here 🙂


The other day, I was reading one article on “breasts”.. Wohoo.. Well.. It was actually about breast cancer lah kan but then it had some feedbacks from men as well.. What do they think about breasts.. And.. since I’m a very cool and handsome man.. I’d like to give my take as well 😉


Now.. I dont expect to see many comments on this as we’re all very conservative people. We dont normally talk openly about the human body kan.. unless when we’re in the company of our good friends.. hehehe… 


Ok.. so here we go.. after reading the first few paragraphs.. they were writing about bra size. Apparently, many women dont even know their correct bra size. Why is that? Is it so hard to go to the shop and measure your bust? 


bra 1



And then.. they were saying that.. some women, use their designer bras or the push up versions for sports. Hey.. even I know that when you do sports, you’ll need a sports bra. 




Now.. let’s go in a lil deeper shall we? Let me get this straight.. women think that guys go bonkers when it comes to boobies. Seriously, not all guys dig big boobs. Most of us like it to be real. Big or not so big. It’s the truth. I shall not go into the right or wrongs here as I’m not here to judge and this is solely my opinion. So.. from that article again, women actually dress up for men. Meaning, if they’re trying to impress or attract some attention,  they might wear some low cut blouse. Ok. That works. On the attention part. But then, when people keep staring at it.. please dont get upset. Especially when you talk to them… they might not make any eye contact as those eyes are actually focussed on something else.. hehehe.. 


And then.. on some internet forum, they were discussing about this particular actress. She actually had a boob job done when those guys were saying that she looked much much better before she went under the knife. This is a before picture.. 


body 1


So.. what I’m saying is.. sometimes, women make the wrong call to actually have their boobs bigger only to realize that in actual fact, men want it to be natural. 


Now.. lets discuss about photographing women.. Sensually. 

On many photography forum, we have many photographers trying to shoot scantily clad women. From my opinion, it’s very hard to shoot to make it look classy and not make the model look slutty. There’s plenty of light play but many guys fail to achieve this. Here’s a few examples that I think worked.



Picture 16


Now peeps.. I didnt shoot any of the pictures here. I’m attaching it as a sample. Credits to the photographers 🙂


Ok.. Now finally, this is how I would like to summarize my little story here.. Guys may like to look at boobies BUT it is NOT the reason for them to fall in love. To all the women who might be reading this.. be proud of your own body. Be your self. 


” Dont let them say you aint Beautiful… they can all get f**ked just stay TRUE to you”  





Flamin’ Hot…

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Heyloooo people..


Let’s pretend like we’re in a concert and the Super Star on stage is asking the audience okay..

Since it’s my story.. So I’ll be the Super Star and you all can be the audience lah.. hehehe..


Ari Handsome: How’s everybody feeling? 

Readers: Feeling HOT !!!

Ari Handsome: Feeling WHAT??!!!

Readers: Feeling FLAMIN’ HOT!!!

Ari Handsome: YEAH!!!!


*at this moment.. you all clap clap your hand and do standing ovation laa..


Okay.. so now you may ask me.. why so hot laa right? And here’s the story why…


Recently, I was in Jakarta. For work incase you’re asking.. And while I was there, the weather was really Hot and I met a beautiful young girl by the name of Flame. 

So.. that’s where I got the title.. Flaming Hot.

Smart eh? I think I’m really cool lah for being so smart to think of such a cool title 🙂 LoL!


Ok..ok.. enough with the compliments.. I’m flattered already..


Now, let me introduce Flame to you.. Well.. her name is Flame. 

She’s young and she happens to be a model. 


Flame 5


When I was there, I took some pictures of her when she and her brother Jesse took me to Taman Mini. Taman Mini is like a mini Indonesia. Very nice. But the only problem was, the park was mostly closed. So, we didnt get to see that much though. 


Indo Flag



Ok.. let me continue my introduction of Flame..

She’s actually Portuguese-Dutch-Indian-Indonesian (Quite a handful eh? hehehe..) 

Currently, she’s teaching English in Jakarta and taking a break from modeling coz she’s 4 months pregnant. Even when pregnant, she could take some time off to show me around. That’s very nice of her and her brother.

We also went for some original Nasi Padang there. Excellent. Nothing like what we have here in KL.


Anyway, before I went back to my hotel, they brought me to some local DVD shop there. Bought a few souvenirs  to bring back home lah 😉 hehehe..

That’s when I took the picture of Flame which you saw at the top just now..

So.. before I end my story about my Jakarta trip, here’s a few more of Flame and her brother Jesse. 


Flame 2

Jesse 1


*ok.. now you can do your round of applause like when the Super Star finish their performance on stage…




Thank You…  😉 


Flame 4