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Flying Cars? Almost….

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Hey peeps…

Whoah.. It’s been very hectic lately. With work and all. Busy like hell lah.. Hehehhe…

Anyway, even though I was busy, I did manage to squeeze in a story I did about flying. It’s very interesting. Very entertaining. In other words, very nice lah.

Here it is:  The A-Z on how to be a pilot

Do have a read if you’re bored.

Ahhh… now comes the best part. About them flying cars. Not literally flying lah, but if there were wings on my ride, it should get airborne.

A few weeks ago, there was a private track day. I was lucky enough to enter as someone pulled out last minute. It was a few days after the F1 race so, the rubbers on the track really helped. Will share some images and a video made by my friend.

Here’s some pics pulak…

The Stig in Sepang???

Damn Sexy R

Blasting down SIC

Well peeps, if ever you need to vent your frustration by driving like a mad man, this is the place to do it. Racing on the road is dangerous. Do it legally on track. This is a community message by ari7474.

Thanks for reading.. and oh.. Happy Labour Day! 😀 😀 😀



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Normally.. when guys chat.. it’s always a story of “mine is bigger than yours” kinda thing..

Everybody says that their more handsome lah.. better in bed lah.. got anaconda lah.. 3 hours lah.. etc…

But when pressed to show.. semua lari… Hahahahhaaa…

Anyway, I’m not like that. If i say “I’m hensem and 3 hours..” it’s true. :p

Okay.. so what’s this post about then.. Well.. recently, we had a teh tarik chat and we started chatting about whose car is faster. It’s a never ending story of “my car got this exhaust.. got this intake.. got this sticker (stickers are known to add horsepower..hehehe) and so on and so forth..

To settle it.. we decided to drag and settle the problem.

Nice kan the picture?

Eh.. wrong.. DAMN nice kan the picture???

Hehehe.. Seriously.. Jokes aside.. this was an impromptu decision and it was done very quickly. Because of my skills and terrerness, we managed to wrap up the session within 2hours..

Well.. here’s a few more of the model.. The lighting was only the street lights as it was raining and my sb800 (flash) decided to just sleep after it got wet 😦

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you all again next year.. Hahahahahahaha…

the Red Stig…

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Me:  Heylooo…

Schumacher:  Hey buddy.. It’s been a long time ya.. How’s things..?

Me:  Eyyy.. Mikey.. Things are good.. How’s your F1 prep going?

Schumi:  Ahh.. it’s a little bit harder than I thought.. Anyway, Jeremy called me..

Me:  Jeremy who? Clarkson?

Schumi:  Yeah.. And he was wondering if you could fill me in as the Stig while I’m replacing Massa.

Me:  Aww.. man.. I’m a bit tied up with Model shoots and all but for you my old buddy.. I’ll squeeze the time..


And so.. that’s how it began.. 

You see.. for the non petrolheads, BBC has this show called Top Gear. The host is Jeremy Clarkson. And it’s a show about cars and all lah rite.. And the test driver for the show is called Stig. The identity of Stig is unknown. It’s normally either White or Black Stig. So.. to cut a long story short, Stig tests all the rides in Top Gear and he’s very famous. Recently, Michael Schumacher revealed he was the Stig. (fellas.. to know more.. you google lah okay..) 😉


So.. now, I’m the Red Stig. And I’m required to test the Honda Civic Type-R (FD2R).

Here’s some technical specs  for those who wish to know…

Engine: 2 Litre iVtec

Horsepower: Can do lah.. Enough to smoke the normal Civic 😉

Handling: Very Good.. 


So.. this is how it is during the test..

Red Stig & 7474a

Red Stig inside


“Shall we go burn some rubber?”


And so.. off the Red Stig went accelerating from 0-very fast..

Huish.. Red Stig is impressed !

Red Stig 222


And then.. the brochure said, this car handles very well.. So.. lets see if the Red Stig can tame this beast..


Red Stig 3


Wow.. This car is actually quite good lah.. I think it’s more at home in the tracks than on the road but  for certain people.. you can use it as a family car to ferry the kids to school or to take your parents to the mall and all.. Up to you lah.. hehehe..

So.. this is the Red Stig’s verdict..

Red Stig 4


2 thumbs up !! Hehehehe..



Okaylah.. I’m actually on Annual Leave and was supposed to go on vacation with the family but with the AH1N1 and all.. we decided to take our holiday destination locally. Hence the time to actually come up with this story. Hehehe.. It’s nice right the story and the photography..? Thanks guys.. No hard feelings yaa.. 


Mr. 2 mins and 47 sec… ;)

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Hello everybody…


Ahhh… I was off for 2 days and it felt really good. 


Well.. because 2 days ago.. I went to the track in Sepang. It was awesome. Let me tell you how it went…


My brother Amir (we call him Dong) called me the night before to inform me of the track day. I said to him..

“Bring it on brother..”

So.. he was to bring his Nissan S15 Silvia and me and my Type-R. Then I remembered my 2 buddies Putra & Yusmar. Called them both but only Yusmar could make it.

Aahhh.. so now we have 2 type R’s and 1 S15.

The track opens at 10am and we were all at Dengkil by 0930. And when we arrived at the tracks.. I was excited to break my R’s virginity.


Fellas.. this is the reason for people to buy the Type-R. To test it on the tracks.





So.. after rolling it out from the pit lane.. I started testing out the R.

I was a bit gentle on the brakes and didnt turn really hard but i kept the revs high. Just to test how it handles. Man.. I wish I could explain better but it felt like it was on rails. I’m impressed. The power kept pulling all the way to the red line and the steering is very responsive. 

I took it around a few laps then came in. Brought Amir & Madduck (Yusmar) a few laps then I wanted to time myself. 

After exiting turn 15, I floored the baby and took all 15 corners a bit more aggressive than before and I came up with a lap time of 2mins 47sec. To me.. thats good for my standards. The top speed on both straight was 190kmh


Picture was shot by Madduck 😉


Anyway.. the feeling was awesome and I’m proud to say that the Type-r is a bloody good car. But then again, not many would appreciate the noise and the discomfort. 


So..ok lah.. enough about cars.. lets talk about photography..


I love photography.


Ok done. That’s it on that topic. 



Yeah.. ok.. it was lame.. again.. 🙂

So.. previously, I was in Frankfurt. It’s Spring now and I did shoot a colleague. I think its nice. What do you think?



Oh shoot.. Its late and I have to sleep coz I’m working tomorrow. anyway.. will update more when I have more stories to yap about. 

Thanks for dropping by.. 



P/s: so.. if people call me Mr 2min 47 sec.. it’s because of my lap time okay.. and NOTHING ELSE. Lol!!!

Ari does the Civic Type-R

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Hi there peeps.. As you all are aware, I’m a car nut. I love cars. So, yesterday, I went and called up Honda Malaysia for a test drive. Test drive what..? Well, its the brand spanking new Civic Type-R (FD2R). 

Now, I know there’s plenty of reviews out there on the FD2R and what I’m doing here is more on the layman’s term about the car ok.. From my POV laa.. 

For those who don’t know, here’s how the CTR looks like..










Very garang right..? Anyway, if anyone were to have even the slightest interest in it would know that this is a performance car. The “R” stands for Racing.. oohhh… sexy.. Again, this car only has one colour, which is the Championship White and it’s only in Manual transmission. For those who hates manual, then this is not for you. Before I begin.. let me show you the interior of this beast…










Sexy kan..? Oohhh.. I can imagine me in this beast rolling around Heritage row… Hahah.. Berangan.. Anyway, as soon as I met Ivan ( the Honda guy), I liked him already. He’s a very nice dude with a good attitude towards his customers. I would thoroughly recommend him if anyone wants to purchase a Honda in the future..

Ok, so, I sat in the car.. put the key in, pressed the clutch and looked for the red starter button. Vrrooommm… Alright, so, it didnt actually vrrrooomm but more like vrumm… Its stock standard. Put it in 1st, then off I went into my own world..

The ratios for the gears are pretty short. So, for you to hit sixth gear is very fast. The red line is at 8500rpm. The i-Vtec comes in at around 5400 revs.. But, lemme tell you, under normal driving conditions, the car seems very ummm… normal. But when you floor it, all 220 race bred horses pushes you to the back of your seat. Screaming all the way to the red line. “Now, that my friend.. is pure ecstasy..” (Horatio style of saying this with his glasses..).

Some say the race tuned suspension is hard but I find it acceptable. My kids and missus didnt have any problems with it. Boot space is ample. And fuel economy is… ok lah .. i guess.. in 6th gear, at 3000revs, the red digital speedo says 100kmh. So, cruising down the highway to JB or Penang wont be a problem.

As for the performance and looks, I’d give it a 9.5/10.. I really like this car. I want this car. Or should I say, I ‘NEED’ this car..

And lastly before I go, (the missus is calling already.. have to go out for dinner…) I’ll show you guys a more common view of the CTR. From the back. That is what most of us would be seeing anyway.. hahahaha… Cheers guys..










Thanks for viewing 😉