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Private interview with Michael Schumacher…

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After the Sepang Formula 1 Grand Prix, I had a chance to interview Michael “Ari” Schumacher…

He was clearly upset for not finishing the race.

Anyway, here’s how the interview went…

(Schumi seems a bit tanned here coz he was sunbathing in Terengganu)

7474: So Schumi, any comments to your fans about the race today?

MS: Ahh.. well.. First of all, I’d like to say sorry for not finishing the race today.

7474: WHAT??? Sorry aje? Can you please explain… We paid good money to see the race today and all you can say is “sorry”??? Dont make me give you a backhand???

MS: Ok..ok… I’ll explain.. Actually, one of my wheel nut went missing. Entah jatuh kat mana..

7474: Why you tak ask the mechanic to check properly before you left the pit tadi?

MS: Dah… Dah ask Ah Tee to check. He said to me gerenti tarak cabut punye..

7474: Hmmpphh.. Next time, plis ah.. dont make me angry again. Next race in Shanghai, I expect you to show some good results.

MS: Yelah.. Dont worry, the hero always wins last minute. Anyway, I’m expecting some new performance parts before the race goes to Europe in Barcelona. So, from then onwards, barulah I tekan minyak kaw-kaw..

So peeps, that’s how the interview went. After this, he sure get many points. Hehehehe…

What? You dont belive my story ???

Okay lah.. I’ll tell you the truth.. Part of the story was fabricated. Just to sedapkan cerita.

I’m actually a bit upset lah. I expect him to be at least better than Rosberg. But now, after 3 races, Rosberg seems to out qualify Schumi every time. The good thing is that we know that they’ll be getting some new parts before Barcelona. Hopefully then, we’ll see some improvements.

Here’s the picture of the “REAL” Schumacher doing a street demo in the streets of KL. Awesome stuff.

Nice kan the pictures?? Hehehe…

Well, today, the guys from 240’s decided to watch the race on TV. So, we all went to a bar in KL to watch the race. It was quite exciting. No traffic jam. Got aircond. Got nice food. Got sofa to relax. Nicee!

The 240’s Rs…

So peeps.. that’s it lah. That’s the fantasy interview I did with Michael Schumacher. Hehehe.. Sorry ya.

Good Nite 😛


the Red Stig…

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Me:  Heylooo…

Schumacher:  Hey buddy.. It’s been a long time ya.. How’s things..?

Me:  Eyyy.. Mikey.. Things are good.. How’s your F1 prep going?

Schumi:  Ahh.. it’s a little bit harder than I thought.. Anyway, Jeremy called me..

Me:  Jeremy who? Clarkson?

Schumi:  Yeah.. And he was wondering if you could fill me in as the Stig while I’m replacing Massa.

Me:  Aww.. man.. I’m a bit tied up with Model shoots and all but for you my old buddy.. I’ll squeeze the time..


And so.. that’s how it began.. 

You see.. for the non petrolheads, BBC has this show called Top Gear. The host is Jeremy Clarkson. And it’s a show about cars and all lah rite.. And the test driver for the show is called Stig. The identity of Stig is unknown. It’s normally either White or Black Stig. So.. to cut a long story short, Stig tests all the rides in Top Gear and he’s very famous. Recently, Michael Schumacher revealed he was the Stig. (fellas.. to know more.. you google lah okay..) 😉


So.. now, I’m the Red Stig. And I’m required to test the Honda Civic Type-R (FD2R).

Here’s some technical specs  for those who wish to know…

Engine: 2 Litre iVtec

Horsepower: Can do lah.. Enough to smoke the normal Civic 😉

Handling: Very Good.. 


So.. this is how it is during the test..

Red Stig & 7474a

Red Stig inside


“Shall we go burn some rubber?”


And so.. off the Red Stig went accelerating from 0-very fast..

Huish.. Red Stig is impressed !

Red Stig 222


And then.. the brochure said, this car handles very well.. So.. lets see if the Red Stig can tame this beast..


Red Stig 3


Wow.. This car is actually quite good lah.. I think it’s more at home in the tracks than on the road but  for certain people.. you can use it as a family car to ferry the kids to school or to take your parents to the mall and all.. Up to you lah.. hehehe..

So.. this is the Red Stig’s verdict..

Red Stig 4


2 thumbs up !! Hehehehe..



Okaylah.. I’m actually on Annual Leave and was supposed to go on vacation with the family but with the AH1N1 and all.. we decided to take our holiday destination locally. Hence the time to actually come up with this story. Hehehe.. It’s nice right the story and the photography..? Thanks guys.. No hard feelings yaa..